When Great Dane is told he’s not allowed to swim, he responds to his owner in hysterical way

If you have ever had to take care of a child, then you have experience with their stubbornness. If you tell them not to do something, they often will go off and do exactly what you just told them not to. Along with disobeying, children have a way of knowing exactly how to push your buttons. On occasion, some pets act this way as well. That is exactly what this Great Dane, Max, does.

At the pool, this deaf dog has his jacket on. Max can barely hold back from jumping right into the pool, but his mama does not allow it. When she tells him no, Max puts up a fight with her. Max wants to go swimming so badly, but his mother doesn’t approve. Why? Because he isn’t allowed to go swimming with his jacket on. But when his momma says no, he puts up an argument.

During their argument, Max’s intelligence shows through. Though he can not hear, it appears as though he can read her lips and even the sign language. That is definitely the best part of this video.

For a couple minutes, the two argue back and forth. As they argue, Max positions himself closer and closer to the edge of the pool. By looking at Max, his face explains it all. He wants to jump in, and he is thinking very hard about doing so.

Watching Max argue with his mom, it becomes easy to wonder how she could say no to such a sweet boy! Look at that cute face.

After seeing their little quarrel, we sure were left with a few laughs and a big smile on our faces. His sweater looks perfect on him, but we hope his mom got it off of him before he took a swim in the pool!

We love how this dog still tries to communicate back with his owners, and how passionate he got when he wanted something. If you do too, SHARE this post!

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German Shepherd Afraid Of Wood Floor Has The Perfect Solution

It may come as a surprise (or maybe not so much), but animals can experience irrational fears, just like us humans. They can be afraid of the dark, heights, bugs or critters. It is our job to make sure they overcome their fears and experience life to the fullest.

Witness this German Shepherd’s epic attempt to make it down the hallway without slipping. His owner keeps calling him from the end of the hallway, inviting him to join her, but Sam hides behind the corner and whines. It seems like he sees the floor as hot lava or something! He would approach the hallway and immediately walk back, the poor thing.

It isn’t until his other owner comes and asks Sam to join him that he decides to cross the distance. What Sam does at the end is just hilarious!

Apparently, this is not a unique occurrence. Many dogs can experience fear, or rather discomfort, when walking of hardwood floors, as they reach old age. Some don’t like the lack of control on smooth floors and would rather prefer walking on the carpets. Especially if they have hip or joint problems, or if their nails are too long and the clicking on the hard wood floors annoys them.

Source: www.dogtube.us