The Family Dog Fell Through The Ice, So Mom Went Into Save Him. That’s When Tragedy Struck

If you’ve ever had a dog, then you know that they’re part of the family. So when a dog ran off from the group and fell into a freezing pond, the mother, Tracy Cashman, dashed out after the dog. Because her pet got loose while on a walk in Wyoming, Michigan on Saturday, it ran onto the ice and then fell through into the freezing water.

Cashman did not hesitate. She raced after the dog because she could not see the animal perish. But as she was walking out on the thin ice, the ice beneath Cashman began to crack. She froze, waiting to see what happened. More cracks appeared beneath her boots. Then she started to fall. The ice grew dark with water beneath her and fell into the frigid water.

Later, the dog returned home. It was wet and cold. But the family grew concerned because Cashman was not with the animal. Why was the dog alone? They were terrified that something bad happened.

When the family set out to search for Cashman, they realized that it was fruitless. They couldn’t see in the dark and needed help. That’s why they called the police and told them that Cashman was missing. They were desperate and had no idea what could have happened to their beloved mother.

Not long after the police arrived, they found the mother of three dead and frozen in the pond. The dog had escaped, but she was not so lucky.

Cashman’s family is horrified and shocked that they lost her on a regular Saturday evening. She had simply taken the dog for a walk and had not come home. It was unthinkable for the family that she lost her life while out on a walk with the family pet. She had never been hurt before during this routine activity. She often walked the dog at Battjes Park and had always come home before. When the family’s Goldendoodle dog Lola returned home alone, Cashman’s family knew something was wrong.

Police believe that Cashman died because she had tried to rescue the dog after it fell through the ice. Although no one knows for sure because the dog cannot describe how things happened, it makes sense given that the dog was wet and cold when it arrived home without Cashman.

“The dog came back, and she didn’t, and I figured he was just looking for the dog, so I waited, and I guess I waited too long,” her boyfriend of many years, Jerome See, said.

Cashman’s mother, Rhonda Moore, was not surprised to hear that her daughter died trying to save a life. Moore said that Cashman had a heart of gold and always did what she could for other people.

“That dog. Any dog. Any cat would be just like another kid to her,” Moore said.

Cashman lost her life trying to save the family dog and leaves behind three children, a 19-year-old son, and two daughters, 16 and 12.

What do you think about this tragedy in Michigan?