IHOP Manager Tells Child Who Has No Arms To Leave


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There are still far too many small-minded people in the USA. Luckily, for everyone who discriminates, there is someone who helps.

William was born with no arms. He would always be different from others, but his parents helped him enjoy a full, happy life from the very beginning.

Even though he is just three years old, William is learning how to live independently.

He has learned to use his feet and mouth in many amazing ways. He is able to use them like how most people use hands. This is how he feeds himself:

His favorite food is pancakes. So one day, he and his family went out to IHOP for a meal.

William and his family expected people to stare, but they weren’t expecting discrimination from the management.
Shortly after the family had sat down, the manager approached them.

William was sat on the table, as that was the only way that he could eat.
The manager told William’s mom, Alexis, that her child couldn’t sit on the table or touch things like syrup containers with his feet. He then said that it was a health issue.


Alexis replied by saying that she had washed William’s feet before he got onto the table, but this didn’t change anything.

Then Alexis asked the manager if he asked all the customers if they’d washed their hands before sitting at a table. Surely unwashed hands are more unhygienic than anything William was doing?

But it didn’t change anything. William and the rest of his family left the IHOP, disgusted at their treatment.
When she got home, Alexis was still upset with the way that her son had been discriminated against. So she took to Facebook to explain exactly what had happened.

Many who read the post were shocked that a manager would discriminate against a three-year-old boy like this.
Soon, thousands of people had reacted to the post and shared it to their own timelines.

In fact, some of the servers who had been working in the IHOP when the incident took place saw the post.
They decided to contact the mother and explain how they’d felt when they heard the manager talk to her.

One of the servers told Alexis that they were “deeply ashamed” and “SHOCKED that our manager did that.”


Of course, these servers didn’t react when the incident was happening, as they were probably scared for their own jobs. (If the manager treats his customers like this, just imagine how badly he treats his employees!)

However, the server who expressed his shock, empowered by the online support for William, clearly confronted the manager. Shortly afterward, the manager contacted Alexis personally. He asked her to call him and that it was all a misunderstanding.

The manager was now trying to dial down the situation. But the above message does not contain an apology. Surely most decent human beings who had upset a child and his mother would start off their personal message with a deep, heartfelt apology?

And the IHOP event really took its toll on poor William.

His mother later said that the boy had been made to feel inferior because of this treatment of his disability. In fact, the boy stopped sitting on tables at home to feed himself, as he now felt that he was doing something wrong.

Luckily, IHOP later released a statement saying that the manager who had discriminated against William had been suspended.
IHOP also said that all staff members in the location where the incident had happened would be retrained.


Hopefully, William does not get discriminated against again.

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