Tiny Puppy Missing Half Her Brain So Dog Owners Can Show Off Rare Fur Color

Irresponsible breeding is a topic often discussed on I Love My Dog. Sadly, it hasn’t gotten any better. When two Chihuahuas, mother and daughter, were found on the side of a dangerous stretch of road in the UK, we learned yet again why it’s so important to support animal adoption and not animal breeders.

Two little dogs were seen in obvious distress on the side of the road. After a few calls were made, the pair was rescued. The mom had a severe back leg injury that had already improperly healed. The pup seemed to be suffering from a head injury. They had no identification tags or chips.

The dogs were brought to the RSPCA. Then, they were checked by a vet. Mom was in need of surgery on her back leg. Her tiny daughter, however, needed further testing. For now, they were taken to a foster home where they could rest and get a good meal.

The pair was taken back to the medical center the following day. It was determined that Mom, now named Peggy, surely needed expensive veterinary care, whether they decided to amputate and fit her for a prosthetic limb or decide to repair the leg so it’s as comfortable as possible. No one knows for sure if the injury was caused on purpose.

The RSPCA decided it would be best if Peggy had her leg amputated and eventually receive a prosthetic leg. However, due to her tiny size, the surgery was extremely expensive… $12,000! The prosthetic would, of course, be an additional expense. The non-profit got to work right away setting up a fund for Peggy and her daughter Pip on Facebook.

Pip was a whole other story. The medical staff was able to tell that the 6-week-old pup was blind and had fluid on the brain. But they had to wait until the fluid went down to see what was causing Pip’s injury.

Once the swelling went down, the medical team discovered that Pip’s condition was worse than they expected. After several tests, including an MRI, it was revealed that Pip was missing part of her brain. The reason why will break your heart.

If you look at Pip, you’ll see she’s a beautiful little puppy. Her fur color is unique; its multi-color is referred to as Merle. This can be obtained through proper breeding but irresponsible breeders sometimes mate two Merle dogs together which is very dangerous. This can cause serious genetic issues just like Pip’s.

Because Pip’s brain is partially missing, her optic nerves have not fully developed and she is likely blind permanently. The missing part of her brain that’s responsible for her vision is also responsible for balance and coordination. This is, of course, very concerning.


In a twist, Pip did not fail obstacle testing. She was able to get around okay despite her lack of mental acuteness. Still, several of the vets suggested she be put down due to potential problems in her future and cost of care.

But the lead vet at the RSPCA disagreed. Pip is a happy, playful pup. She is in no way suffering and it’s even possible she does have some of her sight (nothing can be certain just yet). She will need lifelong care and is considered ‘special needs’ but that should in no way hinder her finding a forever home. In fact, people are already interested in adopting Pip.

For now, mom and daughter are remaining in foster care until they are in suitable condition to find their permanent homes.


It’s entirely possible that these dogs were dumped by the irresponsible breeder after Pip was born, even though it was the breeder’s fault that she is the way she is. Share this story so more people learn the importance of animal adoption!

Scroll down to watch Pip and Peggy’s story below!

Source: https://ilovemydogsomuch.tv