Mom Never Colored Hair Only To Have Reveal So Dramatic Daughters Can’t Recognize Her

It’s never too late to try out something new for yourself. Whether it’s a new style of clothing or a new haircut, you shouldn’t stop yourself from experimenting and having fun. After all, you only get to live once so why not make the most out of it?

Rita was brave enough to let herself experience a makeover. With a gift certificate from her children, she transformed into this really fun and bubbly woman. She looked totally different from before she had her makeover done by Christopher Hopkins who’s also known as The Makeover Guy.

Rita has never played with her hairstyle. In fact, she has never colored her hair despite having a few gray hairs showing. She’s also afraid to cut her hair since most of it is wavy. She wasn’t comfortable with the idea of cutting her hair and ending up looking like a mushroom head.

Christopher decided to start her makeover by changing her hair color. However, instead of doing drastic changes, he opted to stick with something subtle and it delivered the perfect result for Rita.

She also shortened her hair and gave her tips on how to keep it tamed and styled. As he was blow drying her hair, he was very patient in answering Rita’s questions and clearing up some of her worries about her new hairstyle. It really shows how passionate Christopher is in helping women feel more beautiful and confident about themselves.

As part of her makeover, Rita also got to learn how to do her makeup. From choosing the right shade for her skin tone to proper application, the makeup artist was really thorough in giving her advice.

It was a really fun experience for Rita since she only applied makeup whenever she’s going out, such as when she’s visiting her mom in the nursing home. She works from home so she didn’t have that much reason to get dressed and dolled up every single day.

At the end of the fun process, Rita got exactly what she wanted. Her hair color was lighter and her hair was much shorter. She looked happier and really satisfied with her new look. You can see her smiling the entire time.

Even her children couldn’t believe the transformation when they saw their mom. When they first saw her, they were speechless and wide-eyed. Rita looked so much younger and more confident that you can see her eyes sparkle!

Seeing women, such as Rita, getting the makeover they need to be happier and feel more alive is just inspiring.