Judges Don’t Expect Much From Great Grandma, But Within Seconds Were All On Their Feet

There’s a vast amount of gifted people that have competed in talent competitions – but only some stand out as inspirations to us all. Janey Cutler was one of those people.

At 80-years-old, she decided to audition for the reality show Britain’s Got Talent. Janey was a retired cleaner who had seven children, 13 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

It’s not very often that we see contestants Janey’s age on the show. Sure it happens, but it would only be considered a handful compared to the numerous youngsters that are featured.

One of Janey’s friends convinced her to try out because it was “better late than never.”
When it was finally time for the crowd to meet Janey at the venue in Glasgow, she actually had to be escorted onto the stage by one of the hosts. She seemed like a sweet grandma, but everyone was curious if she actually was going to be able to impress the judges.

Once the background music began to play Janey opened her mouth to sing “No Regrets.” It didn’t take long for the audience to fall in love with her even more.

Despite being petite, the Scottish woman had a huge, beautiful voice that got more and more powerful as the song went on.

The judges couldn’t help but beam up at Janey. She put all her heart and soul into the performance – and was really quite an impressive singer (regardless of age).

After she hit certain high notes of the tune, even one of the hosts exclaimed from the side stage,

“This is what we’ve been waiting for in Glasglow, you see!”

At one point, Janey even had the crowd soaring to their feet for a standing ovation. She’s just that good.

Finally, it was time to see what the judges thought about the elderly woman’s stunning performance. Although this can be a scary part of the audition, the fact that you couldn’t wipe the smile off Simon’s face had to be encouraging.
Amanda Holden gushed:

“When Ant brought you on and you were standing there, I didn’t know what to expect. I did not expect you to have a set of lungs on you like that.”

The judge then went on to call Janey’s act “spectacular.” But, what would Simon have to say?

He actually started out with a question,

“Janey, how many years have you waited to do that?”

After thinking about it for a moment, the 80-year-old songstress then replied,

“I’m just thankful I’m here tonight.”

The audience roared with applause at Janey’s response. There’s no question she had won all of their hearts, all while taking their breath away.

Janey received three hands-down “yeses” from the judges, with Simon calling his final vote, “three-thousand and three yeses.”

The great-grandmother seemed most shocked by what had happened. She admitted that she hadn’t of been expecting it – but was excited to tell her friends and family. Can you imagine the looks on her friends’ faces?

After BGT posted the performance up on their YouTube Channel it spread like wildfire. As of today, it’s been viewed more than 23 million times.

Janey and her audition will never be forgotten. Sadly, her life ended at the age of 82, but still remains nothing less than an inspiration. She lived a happy life with “no regrets.”

You can watch her unforgettable performance below.