Man Drives Down Highway With Horse On The Back Of Pickup Truck

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you realize you have not. In Texas, someone thought it was a good idea to load a horse in the back of an ordinary pickup bed and drive down the highway.

Another driver, Ami Parbs, had her child record the epic sighting and we get to celebrate this brainiac with a standing ovation. Come on, people, you know you want to stand up and give this guy a round of applause for being SO DARN SMART!

The horse’s reins are being held by the driver through the back window while he cruises down the highway. The horse’s owner was allegedly pulled over by a state trooper but it’s not known at this time if he was cited for anything.

We just can’t make this sh*t up. Scroll down to watch the unforgettable video.


Mom Begs Her Dog To Get Out of The Baby’s Crib But Then Acts So Adorably Disobedient

The excited pooch is having fun playing with a baby in her crib. His human sister finds this Boston Terrier absolutely hilarious. Truth is, so do we. Mom, however, wants her dog to stop horsing around and get out of the baby’s space. Even though she can’t hide her giggles, she asks the pup, “What are you doing in the crib?” At her urging, the little guy jumps off and runs around and starts looking at his owner like he needs to know if he can get back in already.

Apparently he heard a “sure, go right ahead,” because the hilarious dog jumps right back onto the bed and from there leaps into the crib. His baby sister, obviously, finds this to be the funniest thing she has ever seen in her short life. And her laughter is absolutely adorable. And happy to be back, the Boston Terrier gives her a big kiss. Soo cute!

The bond between a dog and a child is strong, and dogs have an uncanny ability to understand and behave with kids. Just look at the patience this guy shows with his sister. It’s amazing (and honestly, it’s more tolerance than we have). When the cute baby thinks it would be hilarious to start tugging on the dog’s ears, and the hyper pup just takes it in stride.