Boy Poses Like Michael Jackson And Within Seconds Talent Show Act Lights Up The Stage

Kids are full of surprises. We’ve all been kids before, but by some mysterious reason, we never know what to expect from the new generation. Just ask any parent you find — they will probably tell you they have no idea, too. One day they like to do one thing, and the next day it will be totally uncool. They end up trying their hand at just about anything, and it’s a good thing they have near unlimited energy to do just that!

While children’s interests may seem confusing, it is important for us adults to show them support and help them in whatever capacity we can. As a result, many kids nowadays discover talents and skills they have early on. It was certainly so for this nine-year-old kid who rocked his school’s talent show!

With the stage lit up in dazzling lights and a big crowd cheering on, a little boy of only nine-years-old came out dressed in trousers, a flashy blazer, and a hat. He looked every bit the young and vibrant Michael Jackson in his outfit. As he went into position, the intro to the song he was to dance to began. To the crowd’s delight, it was “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson!

He began dancing to the beat and with surprising skill. Despite his young age, he taught himself the entire choreography from Michael Jackson’s performance and recreated it! From the hip thrust to the throwing of the hat, his performance was such a great tribute to the King of Pop.

As the crowd continued to cheer him on, he busted out Michael Jackson signature moves as if they were his own. Sliding here and there on the stage, arms and shoulders popping, all without missing a beat as if he knew all the moves by heart. Needless to say, the crowd was impressed.

As his performance continued, more cheers could be heard from the delighted talent show spectators. This seemed to encourage him more as he dominated the stage. The audience was delighted with his sheer confidence and energy as his performance drew nearer to its finale.

Just like any jaw-dropping stage performance, the finale is where you bring it on. And this little boy did not disappoint! Throwing his hat back on, he busted out a moonwalk as smooth as full cream milk, and brought the house down with cheers.

He has such a smooth moonwalk, surely even MJ himself would have been proud!


Young Man Steals Hearts Performing Elvis Classic With Voice Judges Are Unable To Resist

This is, in fact, the reason why it is totally extraordinary to find teenagers who are into old and seasoned things rather than going with what is contemporary. These so called “old souls” are usually inclined to support vintage styles, such as one teenager who auditioned for The Voice Kids in the Netherlands. He is not a fan of modern music. Instead, he prefers to listen to singers such as Michael Jackson, Elton John and King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley!

Thijs, a young man from the Netherlands, is unlike a lot of others his age. He is not drawn into singing and listening to contemporary music, but rather favors the music from decades before he was born!

When he auditioned for The Voice Kids in its seventh season, the judges did not expect to hear a song popularized by the legendary Elvis Presley. It was certainly a breath of fresh air on the show.

Singing the iconic song “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” Thijs instantly captured the interest of judges – especially Ilse Delange, who was obviously intrigued and captivated by the young man’s sweet voice. Even judge Douwe Bob was taken aback by both the singer’s voice and his incredible choice for auditioning.

The judges were visibly contemplating their decision. Just one push of a judge’s button is what Thijs needed to move forward in his journey in the competition. Ilse was evidently hooked to the young man’s performance.

Then Ilse finally pushed the button, about 20 seconds from when Thijs started his audition piece! The boy’s family could not stop their cheers and everyone watching was celebrating Thijs’ first step to advancing in the competition.

He was so ecstatic and was even more eager to show off his talent, trying to get the other judges to turn around for him as well. Thijs was about to end his performance when finally, judges Douwe Bob and Ali B gave in to their instincts and pushed their buttons as well. There was no way they were going to let his musical talent slip through their fingers.

You’re going to “fall in love” with this teen’s Elvis audition.