Kiro The Pit Bull Dog Plays Fetch And Tug Of War Making His Human Brother Laugh So Much

This is Kiro, a playful 2-year-old pit bull dog that loves his family and spending time with his human baby.

He is playing fetch and tug of war at the same time, making his little brother laugh so much! Even if the baby is in his crib, he is so excited watching the dog having fun. For sure they will become best friends.

Mommy is throwing the toy and Kiro jumps around to get it back really fast. Then he doesn’t want to let it go so it’s quite of a struggle for mom to get it back.

It turned into a tug-of-war game, and even if his owner tells him to drop the toy; he is determined to keep it. When she succeeds and gets the toy she is so enthusiastic that she throws it away and the game in back on! ­čÖé

Kiro also loves taking over the whole bed and going on long walks in the woods, and he is very active on blowing kisses too! He shows his love and appreciation to his family.

Obviously, an American Pit Bull Terrier raised in a loving family environment like this one, will grow up to be a wonderful companion dog, because as you can see Pit Bulls are great with children.

Just like with any other dog, it is wise to always supervise the interaction between pit bulls and kids. Never leave a child alone with a dog, any dog, no matter what the breed.