Dogs Wait Patiently Outside Hospital For Homeless Owner To Get Better

Last Wednesday, a man named Luiz was rushed to the Santa Casa Hospital in Cianorte, Brazil, after suffering a stroke. The man may have been homeless, but he was not alone. His six best friends were there in his time of need, and refused to leave his side.

Hospital workers filmed the extent of Luiz’s dogs’ love, capturing the pups panting as they arrived at the hospital. They had chased their owner’s ambulance for miles, and once they reached the building, they immediately made themselves at home by the entrance to the emergency room.

Volunteers from Amigos de Patas Cianorte, a nongovernmental organization focusing on animal welfare, were called to the scene to look after the distressed animals. The volunteers fed the dogs and snapped photos as the faithful pups continued to wait through the night for their owner’s safe return.

Luiz and his dogs have been a familiar sight on the streets of Cianorte, where he has lived for over 20 years. Though there have been attempts by family members to find Luiz housing, he turned down the offers, preferring to share the streets with his close-knit dog family.

“He lives with his pals and treats them very well, he shares everything with them,” Amigos de Patas Cianorte wrote in a Facebook post. “That night he had a stroke … his friends of paws accompanied him and they stayed [crying] from the outside. There they remain in vigil.”

When morning came, Luiz was stable and released into the care of his brother, according to Amigos de Patas Cianorte. However, the reunion with his dogs was put on hold when he had to exit through a different door.

“The dogs were desperate,” Simone Ziliane, a volunteer with Amigos de Patas Cianorte told Brazilian publication G1. “On Thursday morning, when Luiz was discharged and left with his brother through another door, the dogs remained at the hospital entrance. One of the volunteers from the NGO had to fetch Luiz at his brother’s house and take him to where the dogs were for them to leave the front.”

Luiz and his pups are finally together again, and his friends have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have his back no matter what.


Dog With One Eye Found On The Street Rejected By His Owner Because He Already Had A New Dog

A homeless dog with only one eye who was wandering in the streets is in safe hands despite his cruel owner’s rejection. Hope For Paws was called about a dog by a Good Samaritan in a Los Angeles neighborhood.

The Good Samaritan, Chris, called them after the little dog showed up in their yard. Chris explained that the injured dog wanted to make friends with his dog, Blue the Pit Bull. So Eldad and Loretta decided to enlist Blue’s help in rescuing him.

Blue’s friendly tail wags and the little dog follows allowing Loretta to quickly secure him with a Lucky Leash.

Upon a closer look, they see that the little dog really does only have one eye. They named him Pirate and took him to the vet for surgery.

And although they found a microchip and called Pirate’s owner, the man told them he didn’t want him back because he already had a new dog!

As heartbreaking as that is, Pirate has landed in a much better place. Pal Rescue fostered him and and it didn’t take them long to find him a new home!

Now that’s a treasure a dog like Pirate deserves! Watch his heartwarming rescue in the video below.