She locks her dogs in the garage then lets them back inside for a huge surprise

Like kids, dogs also love getting little treats every now and then. It is well known that treating and pampering our dogs is the best way to reward them for their unwavering love and loyalty.

In this happy and uplifting video, we see mom Jeni Rutherford get a little creative on Easter, and organize the most unique Easter egg-hunt – one that involves her dogs! She strategically locks her canine pack outside in the garage, and prepares the living room with colorful Easter eggs.

Once she decides to let the dogs in, it is all happy and chaotic in an instant. The dogs go bonkers as they find the floor adorned with cute eggs, with dog-treats hidden inside them. They chase around the room like energy bolts, each competing with the others to get the maximum treats!

It is indeed the happiest sight to see. The Easter hunt not only engaged the dogs with adventure-filled moments, but also gave them treats to their hearts’ content. Watch the video to the end to get spell-bound at the adorable antics of this pooch-pack!

Click the video below to watch the coolest Easter egg hunt ever!


Woman Adopts Puppy That Kept Getting Sent Back To Shelter, Discovers She’s No Ordinary Dog

Penny was one such puppy who was brought into a shelter as a stray at just 10-weeks-old. She soon found herself jumping from family to family as she kept getting re-surrendered to the shelter due to her destructive behavior.

What Penny truly needed was a person who took the time to give her the mental stimulation she needed. She found the perfect person in a woman named Leonora Anzaldua, who immediately fell in love with her, and adopted her.

Leonora decided to keep Penny mentally stimulated. She began by teaching Penny how to sit. It took just 3 tries for Penny to learn the trick. By the time she was 8-months-old, Penny had mastered all the regular dog tricks.

Leonora decided to kick things up a notch and see if a dog can truly have the mental capacity of a toddler. She started training Penny on recognizing shapes using blocks. It took no time for Penny to learn shapes.

Amazed at how quickly Penny was learning things, Leonora decided to see if she could go even further. She bought some blocks letters and started teaching Penny the alphabet.

Amazingly, Penny mastered this too, and she can even spell her own name! How cool is that?

Leonora filmed Penny spelling her own name and shared it with the world. The funniest part of this video is when Penny gets stuck at the letter ‘Y’ for a second, before finishing the word!

Click the video below to see the super-smart Penny spell her own name.