Little Boy Visits Nursing Home Uttering 1 Stirring Phrase To Elderly Making Them Weep

Senior citizens sadly can be forgotten once they move into a nursing home, especially if they outlive their own loved ones. So whenever someone special stops by for a visit, everyone is excited.

Therapy pets, church youth groups and even preschoolers sometimes pop by to greet the seniors and spend some much needed time with them. In Lenexa, Kansas, one very special guest is welcomed with open arms by residents of local nursing homes, even though he issues them tickets.

Honorary police officer Oliver Davis, six, dreams of becoming an actual police officer when he grows up. He describes his heroes in very flattering terms.

“They help people and they are nice to people.”

Officer Oliver decided to branch out from his police duties and show his kindness to residents at local nursing homes. His mom Brandi Davis told Fox 4 that he sees it as a way of giving back.

“He believes he`s a real police officer, and since he can`t work at the police station yet, this is his way of helping out the community.”
Before they stop by a nursing home, Brandi allows Oliver to pick out flowers to take with him. He also issues tickets like any officer would, but his go to the seniors for “being too cute.”

“He told me his New Year`s resolution was to go to more nursing homes and to hand out more flowers.”
Monty Duerksen, 84, resides at Westchester Village. His was the fourth facility they’d visited yet this month and the seniors loved it.

“He brings a lot of love to these nice people.”

Mom lavished praise upon her son who relishes his visits with the seniors, too. It’s really making a difference in his life and theirs.

“I can`t stop smiling because I see how happy he makes them and how he got in the car after the last retirement home and said, ‘I feel so good right now,’ so it makes me feel like we`re doing something right, and it makes me feel great that he is being impacted also by this.”
At every visit, Oliver asks each resident if they need a hug. He loves every second of it.

“It makes me feel good.”
Even cuter is that Officer Oliver was given a police uniform and official police motorcycle that he rides into the room for each visit. Everyone gets a kick out of seeing him zoom in.

See for yourself how happy these seniors are after Oliver enters the room. What a wonderful little guy!


Cop Finds Girl Living In “Suspicious Vehicle” Making Headlines With His Request To Her On Sidewalk

One day someone Huntington Beach, California neighborhood called the police on the family for looking suspicious. The poor girl was frightened when the cops showed up, but the officer didn’t seem to notice the forlorn expression on the girl’s face when he pointed at her and told her to get out of the car. When he told her to “hop” to it, she just about lost it!

Cops in particular are known for picking on homeless people, especially if they’re loitering in an area of town where they’re not welcome. However, when Officer Zach Pricer and his partner arrived at the scene and saw the 11-year-old, they immediately called the Homeless Task Force for help. On their Facebook page, the Huntington Beach Police Department said:

“This morning an officer checked on a suspicious occupied vehicle in the area of Graham and Edinger. During his investigation he learned the people in the vehicle were a mother and her 11 year old daughter and they had been living out of their car. The officer contacted our Homeless Task Force to help arrange housing.”
While Officer Pricer’s partner and mom were discussing housing arrangements for the family, Officer Pricer thought it’d be a good time to distract the young girl with a fun game of hopscotch!

Officer Pricer knew it must have been pretty frightening for the 11-year-old to see a cop towering over her, so he decided to break the ice and get her to feel comfortable around him. Watching a grown man bounce around like a rabbit sure did the trick!

“As the officer worked on housing arrangements with the mother, another officer on scene, Officer Pricer, began displaying his expertise in hopscotch to the daughter.”
This isn’t your mama’s version of hopscotch – it’s cop-scotch! The girl had never played hopscotch in all her life, and the gentle giant was showing her all the hippity-hoppity moves.

However, it looks like perhaps Officer Pricer is going against all his training and bending the rules! His expertise at the game is being debated, with one Facebook user noting:

“Very sweet, but the officer is out. You can’t use your hand to balance when picking up the marker. Way to go Officer Pricer, you’re a good man.”
It’s plain to see that no matter how the game was taught or played, leaping like Frogger and landing like Superwoman brought the girl a sweet respite from the harsh realities of homelessness. More importantly Officer Pricer actually taught an unintended lesson and the one rule in life that all of us should abide by – just focus, breathe, and take it one hop at a time.

Watch this video to see Officer Pricer and his new friend play copscotch!