Pit Bull Sees Her Reflection For The First Time And Can’t Stop Singing

Lola the pit bull is still working on discovering the world, and the discovery that has shocked her the most so far … is her own reflection.

When Lola saw herself in the mirror for the first time, she couldn’t believe how pretty she looked! Lola was so taken aback by it all that her first reaction … was to sing to herself.

Lola simply couldn’t stop staring and barking, and kept pulling herself back up to look some more.

Whether Lola thinks the dog in the mirror is someone she can play with or just thinks she looks super fine, one thing is clear: From now on, Lola is going to be spending a LOT of time in the bathroom.

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Pit Bull Sisters Are Obsessed With Their New Baby Brother

All Lu Lu really wanted was to truly be part of a family.

Her former family eventually surrendered her to a local shelter, where she was then rescued by QLD Staffy Rescue in Australia. When she was first pulled from the shelter, it became apparent that Lu Lu had no idea how to be a dog. She didn’t know any basic commands and wasn’t house-trained.

After spending some time with an amazing foster family, Lu Lu grew into a fantastic dog, and was soon adopted by Lauren Burke and her husband. And of course, her new sister, Skyler.

Lu Lu and Skyler became best friends almost instantly, and now the pair does absolutely everything together. Lu Lu couldn’t have been happier with her new family – and then Burke learned she was pregnant.

“When I fell pregnant, both Skyler and Lu Lu instantly knew what was going on and would snuggle my bump,” Burke told The Dodo. “They would often go into the set-up nursery and lay down to sleep in there. We always knew they would be great fur sisters.”

When baby Ezra was born, Burke’s husband would bring some of his clothes home from the hospital so that the dogs could get used to his smell. When baby Ezra finally came home, all Skyler and Lu Lu wanted to do was be near him.

“The first day we brought Ezra home they just wanted to smell and lick him,” Burke said. “They were amazing. They followed me to nappy changes and would lie next to me when Ezra was napping on my chest. They loved him and just wanted to be a part of everything we did with him.”

Skyler, Lu Lu and Ezra are now all the best of friends, and love playing together all day long. Skyler and Lu Lu never like being too far away from Ezra, so they can keep an eye on him, and Ezra loves to watch them run and play.

“They have both become protective but are happy to show off their new little brother,” Burke said. “Ezra loves his fur sisters just as equally.”

Lu Lu went from living all alone in a backyard to having the best family in the world, and she, Skyler and Ezra will have many years to play and grow up together.

Source: www.thedodo.com

Pit Bull Hit By A Car Was So Scared Of Being Helped

Hope for Paws, a rescue organization in Los Angeles, received a call about a pit bull who’d been hit by a car and was unable to move, clearly severely injured. The woman who saw the dog get hit, and made the call, stayed with her until rescuers arrived to help.

The pit bull, later named Jezebel, had taken shelter under a parked car, too scared and injured to do anything else. The noise from the passing cars kept startling her, and rescuers knew it would be a struggle trying to get her out from under the car.

Slowly and carefully, rescuers attempted to slip two gentle snares over Jezebel, so they could safely pull her out and take her to get the help she so desperately needed.

Terrified, Jezebel started growling at her rescuers, and they knew they needed to keep a safe distance until they gained her trust.

Rescuers were finally able to pull Jezebel out from under the car and onto the sidewalk, away from the rushing cars. Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws, attempted to touch Jezebel with a towel to try and calm her down and gain her trust …

… but the poor pup was still terrified and continued to growl a little. In order to safely transport her to get medical attention, they decided to place her in a crate.

Once she was securely in the crate, they immediately drove her to the animal hospital to be treated.

Luckily, Jezebel didn’t have any broken bones, but she did have some severe bruising. As soon as she was safe and sound at the hospital, Jezebel began to calm down, and finally realized that everyone was there to help her, and not hurt her.

She even offered Hagar a hug, as if to thank him for saving her life.

Jezebel is now up for adoption, and more than ready to find her forever home.

If you’d be interested in adopting Jezebel, you can contact Farren Mahone, who is handling Jezebel’s adoption.

Watch the full video of Jezebel’s rescue below:

Source: www.thedodo.com