After Their Dogs Went Missing, They Never Thought They’d See Them Again – Until Now

Losing a pet can be a heartbreaking situation, having a pet go missing is also devastating. Not knowing where they are or whether they’re gonna be alright is tough. A family can spend days, weeks or months searching for their pet in the hopes that one day they will return.

But it’s hard not to give up hope, however, for some people, their prayers are answered and they get the reunion they wished for. Thankfully, these lucky people managed to capture their reunions on camera for us all to enjoy.

Honestly, this video brought a tear or two to my eye when I watched it. It’s hard not to feel emotional when you see other people’s sheer joy and relief knowing their canine companions are home and safe.

These lost dogs returning home will surely bring a tear to your eye as you watch the owners’ reactions

We see the video opens with a woman returning home with her dog in the car and a pile of ‘missing’ posters on the floor of the car. As her husband spots the car he immediately runs towards them when he spots his faithful furry friend in the passenger seat. At this point, I already started welling up.

But that was just the beginning, there were plenty of other families who saw their lost dogs returning home in the video and each one will make you feel emotional.

The one that really got me in the video was of a very small boy who couldn’t believe his mom had found his lost dog. This is where I really had to reach for the tissues.

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Chinese Man Builds $500,000 Mansion For His Dog Who Made Him Rich

The luxury villa comes complete with air-conditioned rooms, a seasonally-heated pool, a spa, a trampoline, and a spacious lawn.

According to 31-year-old Zhou Tianxiao, he was unemployed and living with his grandmother four years ago. However, he somehow found incredible success after getting Sylar during such a low point in his life.

“Sylar changed my life, so I will give it back everything I have,” Zhou told China Daily.

In an interview, Zhou revealed that after his parents divorced during his childhood, he became a rebellious kid and spent his days in internet cafes playing games, drinking and picking up fights.

“That life lasted for more than a decade,” he shared.

When he failed to find happiness in computer games, Zhou sought the companionship of a loyal friend.

“I heard that dogs were loyal. No matter how poor their owners were, they will still be with them. That’s why I decided to have a dog,” he said.

According to Zhou, he felt he regained the love he lost in his childhood after Sylar became a part of his life. He considers Sylar more of a family member than just a pet.

Zhou first learned to train Sylar by watching YouTube videos of professional dog trainers. Using the techniques he learned, he was able to teach Sylar tricks such as doing high-five, play dead, walk like a human and leap on tables.

As a proud owner, Zhou would shoot videos of Sylar’s tricks and share them online. Sylar’s videos became a hit and the smart pooch eventually became an online star, earning hundreds of thousands of followers and racking up millions of views on social media platforms.

Sylar’s growing popularity also encouraged Zhou to open a dog food and toy store on Chinese e-commerce platform Taobao.

Using the money he saved up from his online business, Zhou rented an 8,600-square-kilometer courtyard in a rural area of Shunyi district and built the dog mansion worth half a million dollars last year.

“I never view it as something great, it’s just what a father should do. Without my dog, I might be still addicted to smoking, playing games all day and squandering my lifetime,”Zhou said.

Sylar usually spends its day swimming before relaxing in a room with a small bed, a tent, and an air-conditioner in the “luxury dog villa” that its “father” built.

“Before I had Sylar, I had nothing to live for,” said the 31-year-old who lives in a 15-square-foot apartment without an air-conditioner. “He gave me a purpose.”

His girlfriend, Liu Wei, currently helps him run the dog mansion with a staff of 10 people, NDTVreports.

Liu said Zhou “was lazy and spent most of his waking hours playing video games. He’s now enterprising and conscientious.”

Sylar’s mansion was opened to the public in May so other dogs can experience the luxuries Zhou’s beloved dog had been enjoying for about a year now.

For a fee, dogs can sleep in air-conditioned rooms with giant pillows and personal backyards. They can also take a medicinal bath in the spa for 175 yuan ($26) or get a soothing oil massage for 400 yuan ($58).