Loyal Pup Keeps His Favorite Toy Company During Its ‘Bath Time’

Cocker Spaniels are adorable bundles of fun, and Habs is no exception. Habs is a sweetheart of a pooch, and his personality is tried and true Cocker Spaniel. He loves certain things so much that he can’t ‘bear’ to be without them.

His teddy bear is one of those things.

The dog’s mom, Jacqueline Estey, watched as her Cocker got attached to the teddy bear from the time he entered her life three years ago. She even says that if you pick the teddy bear up, he walks around and follows you until he gets it back.

His devotion to the bear went to the next level. Habs’ mom caught him on video doing something incredibly cute and funny.

One day, she took the teddy bear to the washing machine. The bear was ragged and needed a good washing. She found the dog in the laundry room staring at his bear going around and around.

She told The Dodo, “It was hilarious when I realized he was sitting there for the whole entire cycle and wasn’t moving for anything!”

Once the Spaniel got his teddy back, all was right with the world. You must see this cutie watching his bear in the washing machine. We wonder what must have been going through his mind!