Son Sends Willie Nelson Song His Mother Wrote Breaks Down When He Sings It

Lyndel Rhodes is 92 years old and has never lost her love of music. Recently, she wrote her own song titled, “Little House on the Hill,” and though she never expected it to become successful, her wildest dream came true. Lyndel’s son Buddy Canon, a record producer, had got in touch with Willie Nelson himself and was delighted to present this unique gift to his beloved mother.


Lyndel has experienced many joys throughout her life, but nothing quite as unique as this. She heard Willie Nelson’s voice singing her song, and burst into smiles! When asked by Buddy if she liked it, she replies with a smile, “I love it.” Since the 1920s, Lyndel’s family has enjoyed country music. She reports that even when she was a little girl, she can remember her father playing banjo with friends enjoying an evening.

Throughout her life, Lyndel became a skillful harmonica player and even recorded her own CD covering old time hymns on the harmonica. Now she is blessed with a unique experience connecting her with the renowned artist such as Willie Nelson. Watch Lyndel sing along with Willie Nelson in this adorable video!



Paris Morgan Moved To Tears After Audition On Australia’s Got Talent

With all of the grace and poise in the world, Paris graced the stage during Australia’s Got Talent. She belts the Italian classical song “Nella Fantasia.”

No one is expecting such a mature voice to come from such a little lady. Now her audition performance is going viral online and once you listen to her sing, you’ll understand why.

Not only can Paris speak English and Italian, but she also knows French and Welsh. This is proof that, in addition to being a talented musician, she has a brilliant young mind.

As soon as Paris wrapped up her stunning rendition of “Nella Fantasia” she started crying tears of joy! Her dream was to sing in front of the world and she absolutely nailed the opportunity.

To make things even better, the judges were crying, too! They were obviously moved by her performance, as well, and passed her along to the next round with flying colors.

It’s clear Paris won over the judges and the audience with her beautiful voice and her sweet personality. Even though she’s only 13 years old, Paris already shows so much talent and has supportive parents.

This tween has been blessed with such a spectacular voice. Watching her and listening to her sing is an absolutely joy.

She has been classically trained for half her life and hopes that someday she’ll travel the world singing. Her goal is to perform at La Scala, a world-renowned opera house in Milan.

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this bright young star. Thank you, Paris, for sharing your voice with the world!

Take a peek at her impressive audition for yourself in the video below.