Mama Bear Thrills Beachgoers As She Brings Her Cubs To Play In The Crowded Waters

Like humans, animals also love beating the summer blues with a cool dip in the waters. This video features a popular beach in Lake Tahoe, California, where the beachgoers were in for the surprise of a lifetime as they witnessed the adorable antics of 3 cuddly bears.

Pallas Buckley, the woman who shot this video, was with her kids when she saw the 3 bears entering the beach waters. One of them was clearly the Mama Bear while the other two were her cubs. Soon, the bears start cuddling each other as they take dips in the water.

The bears splashed around the water for quite a while. They are completely oblivious to the awestruck onlookers who closely watch the 3 bears having the time of their lives. The cubs were particularly thrilled with the water. They played to their hearts’ content while Mama Bear watched on!

The beach visitors said that the bears eventually walked back to the forest after their aquatic adventure. They were amazed at how comfortable and harmless the bear family was around humans. It really must have been a spectacular sight to see!

Click the video below to watch this bear family enjoying their day out at the beach!