Man Collapses During Walk And Stranger Steals His Dog & Swiftly Walks Off With Him

59-year-old Robert Corby had a very special bond with his Chihuahua, Sampson. The two of them would often go for walks but one walk in particular ended tragically.

Corby was walking Sampson, when all of a sudden, he collapsed outside on the pavement behind a dumpster.

A surveillance video shows people rushing to his side to help him as he laid on the ground. Moments later, one of those people can be seen walking out from behind the dumpster holding Sampson by his leash.

She looks back at the dog’s owner before walking off with him. Sampson kept looking behind him, showing that he clearly didn’t want to leave his owner’s side.

In the meantime, the Good Samaritans performed CPR while medical was called on the scene. It turns out that he had suffered a seizure, and sadly wound up passing away at the hospital.

But his family was still searching for Sampson and demanding justice for this woman’s awful actions during this tragic time.

Corby’s niece, Kelly, who he was very close with, was shocked when the police showed her the surveillance video.

She did not recognize the woman who stole Sampson, but she was caught a few days later after someone saw her sleeping in a truck that she allegedly stole.

The suspect, 30-year-old Melody Mellon, was arrested.

Sampson has since been reunited with Kelly, who will now take care of him.