Man Says He Can’t Attend Sister’s Wedding Because He’s Dog Sitting, Bride Fuming!

A woman in England is livid over the actions of her brother and his refusal to attend her wedding. The bride-to-be wants everyone to know that her brother texted her just 12 days before her wedding to let her know he would not be attending. The let-down woman explains that it’s the reason why he can’t attend that has her most upset.

The text from her brother was posted to Reddit, which read, “Hiya sis, hope you’re both well. So sorry but aren’t gonna be able to come to your wedding. As I’ve said we have the boy’s that day and Mam’s 3 dogs, which aren’t used to being left. Been trying to sort it all out, with no joy. Just wanted to let you know asap. Xx”

The man decided the dogs were more important that attending his own sister’s wedding. While dog lovers can agree that animals are family and very important, this guy had a lot of time to get someone to watch the trio of canines. The pups belong to his girlfriend’s mother, so it makes things really strange.

Reddit exploded with replies to the text, with people saying things like, “We will have a newborn when my sister in law gets married, and I don’t want to take the baby as she will be too young and prone to infections. So I’m sending my husband to the wedding and will look after their dog too. It’s more important that he is there.”

Another Reddit reply stated, “God, it’s your wedding not a barbecue! that’s not something you just “can’t make it to”. I’m so sorry.”

Clearly, people are horrified over the man’s actions and most folks can relate to the anger and disappointment his soon-to-be-wed sister is feeling.