Dog Spots A Bird Drowning, His Instincts Take Over As He Goes Into Lifeguard-Mode

Mariana often lets her adorable pooch, Yago, bask in the early morning sun. One such morning, while she was still asleep, she heard strange fluttering noises from outside and decided to investigate.

She followed the noise to the window and glanced over to the patio to see Yago running around frantically. She looked closer to see a little pigeon fighting for her life in the family’s garden mini pool.

But Yago’s magnanimous heart wouldn’t let him sit by and watch the bird drown. He had to do something. He rushed his brain to think of all the possible ways he could save the bird. Before mom could fully realize what was happening, Yago had already thought of something that could work.


In this video clip, we see Yago following the excruciating screams of the little birdie. You’ll have to see for yourself to soak in the sheer brilliance of Yago’s strategy to save her. Thanks to Yago’s big heart and cleverness, the bird was able to fly away safely. Hail Yago, our true superhero!

Click the video below to watch Yago save the bird and the day!


Cop Risks His Life Crawling On Ice To Rescue Dog Stuck In Freezing Water

Sergeant Gray drove his car to the darkened lake area, where he too, heard the upsetting sounds of the dog. He exited his police car, shone his flashlight on the frozen waters, and discovered the problem.

A dog was struggling in a section of ice that had broken. It was only a matter of time before the dog succumbed to the effects of the frigid waters. He tells the dog, “I know, I know,” as you will hear on the video.

The cop knows he must get to the pooch before it is too late. There’s no time to wait for the firefighters to arrive for help. Getting down on his hands and knees, flashlight in one hand, he braved the ice to get closer to the pooch.

Thank goodness he got to the animal, as he was able to pull him up and out of the water. Unfortunately, the dog was too cold to walk, so the brave cop carried him to his patrol car.

The dog, named Dallas, got out of his owner’s yard when a backyard gate blew open. Despite having hypothermia after being submerged for almost 20 minutes, the dog made a full recovery.

We salute you, Sgt. Gray, for your bravery and big heart in helping Dallas! Watch the body cam recording below.