Maya the Pit Bull dog saves her owner from rapist! Named Hero Dog of the Year!

A pit bull mix that scared away a San Jose woman’s attacker has been honored by the Animal Miracle Foundation with the Hero Dog of 2008 award.

Angela Marcelino adopted Maya from Humane Society Silicon Valley when she was only a puppy, 3 months old. She practically saved her life, and now, Maya did the same in return!

As part of the award for Maya, Marcelino described what happened the morning her dog became a hero:

“I opened my front door and was about to walk inside when I saw someone’s shadow out of the corner of my eye,” she wrote. “I turned my head just as a man pushed me into my house. I screamed as loud as I could, but the man had slammed the door shut behind him.

“‘Shut up’ were the only words he said to me. He was choking me with one hand. I was able to scream one last time. After I did, his grip tightened around my neck. That is when I saw a white streak run in from the other room. His grip was so tight that I could only gurgle the words ‘Maya, get him.’ He still had a grip on my throat, as his other hand was busy trying to fight off my angry dog. 

“I don’t know how, but I managed to get on my feet. His attention turned away from Maya for a second so that he could push my front door open and she followed. At that point, I grabbed him in the groin as hard as I could. He doubled over and released the grip around my neck. I pushed him away and grabbed Maya by the collar. I like to think, at that moment, he told himself he had picked the wrong woman to mess with. He looked at me one last time, only for a second, and then simply walked away.”

Later on, a drop of blood above Maya’s right eye was tested for DNA by investigators, which led to the arrest of the attacker. Without Maya’s help, the rapist may have never been caught!

Not only that she saved her owner from what it could of been a vicious sexual attack, but also helped to catch the bad guy! She is the proof that pit bulls can be heroes, just like any other dogs!