Man Plays Guitar When Barefoot Lady Joins For Captured Performance Making Everyone’s Mouth Hang

Music is a very beautiful thing. It is a way for people to show their artistry and their emotions. Others even see it as a way to cope with life’s difficult struggles. And probably, one of the best things about music is that it is limitless. Anyone can join in and anybody can play anything and make great music.

Abby Roach, a 37-year-old American musician, is a perfect example of just how versatile music can be. In fact, she has a great way of showing everyone just how anything that can make a sound may be used as an instrument in creating a lovely melody. With only spoons and her great love for music and performing, Abby can make amazing performances bound to catch everyone’s attention!

Popularly known as “The Spoon Lady”, Abby goes to different places to perform songs using only a pair of spoons and a bell beside her bare feet. She is a known street performer who makes impromptu performances all over the country with her musical partner and one-man band, Chris Rodrigues.

Performing on the streets, also known as busking, used to be Abby’s way of earning money, traveling the United States mostly via freight train hopping as well as hitch hiking. Taking the wrong train, Abby ended up at Asheville, North Carolina where she now mainly stays.

Back in 2017, Abby yet again collaborated with her musical partner, Chris Rodrigues, to perform the song “Angels in Heaven”, with her showing off her talent of creating music using spoons. This is only one of their many collaborations which are focused on promoting street performing as well as free speech.

Currently, Abby is busy with her radio show and project “Busker Broadcast”, wherein she compiles songs and interviews of travelers who pass by the town of Asheville.

On the other hand, Abby’s musical partner Chris, started street performing on the year 2012 with nothing in mind but to be able to raise enough money for his bills. Later on, he crossed paths with Abby, The Spoon Lady, and together, they made good music which was available for the world to hear through the album “Working on Wall Street”, released in 2017.

From then on, their music was well known not just in Asheville, North Carolina but in the busking scene in general. Like Abby, Chris is also active in the street performing scene and is focused on singing Christian songs.

Making music is never limited to whether you can play an instrument or you can sing so well. Abby serves as a living proof that even with only spoons in your hands, you can still create great music and perform to give happiness to others.

You don’t want to miss this absolutely amazing performance from The Spoon Lady and Chris Rodrigues!


Boy Poses Like Michael Jackson And Within Seconds Talent Show Act Lights Up The Stage

While children’s interests may seem confusing, it is important for us adults to show them support and help them in whatever capacity we can. As a result, many kids nowadays discover talents and skills they have early on. It was certainly so for this nine-year-old kid who rocked his school’s talent show!

With the stage lit up in dazzling lights and a big crowd cheering on, a little boy of only nine-years-old came out dressed in trousers, a flashy blazer, and a hat. He looked every bit the young and vibrant Michael Jackson in his outfit. As he went into position, the intro to the song he was to dance to began. To the crowd’s delight, it was “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson!

He began dancing to the beat and with surprising skill. Despite his young age, he taught himself the entire choreography from Michael Jackson’s performance and recreated it! From the hip thrust to the throwing of the hat, his performance was such a great tribute to the King of Pop.

As the crowd continued to cheer him on, he busted out Michael Jackson signature moves as if they were his own. Sliding here and there on the stage, arms and shoulders popping, all without missing a beat as if he knew all the moves by heart. Needless to say, the crowd was impressed.

As his performance continued, more cheers could be heard from the delighted talent show spectators. This seemed to encourage him more as he dominated the stage. The audience was delighted with his sheer confidence and energy as his performance drew nearer to its finale.

Just like any jaw-dropping stage performance, the finale is where you bring it on. And this little boy did not disappoint! Throwing his hat back on, he busted out a moonwalk as smooth as full cream milk, and brought the house down with cheers.

He has such a smooth moonwalk, surely even MJ himself would have been proud!