Grandma Asks Steve Harvey To Dance And He Delivers Moves That Has The Audience Roaring

No matter what hour you turn on your TV or surf the internet, chances are you’ll see a show hosted by one of the most famous personalities today- Steve Harvey. He’s so hardworking that he has been in a number of different TV shows in the last couple of seasons. And judging by how he looks, he’s not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

That is exactly the same thing his audience had in mind during one of his shows, Hey Steve. And with that, one grandma decided to ask Steve if he can show her some of his moves on the dance floor.

Wearing a yellow cold shoulder top, the lady clearly have a funny and bubbly personality. She walked carefully towards Steve and on stage, the two held their dancing positions. They literally looked like dancing partners who are about to perform at a competition.

Steve and the lady started grooving slowly. As they picked up their pace, they started twirling and swaying their hips. Although their act wasn’t clearly rehearsed and choreographed, the two were obviously having fun with the routine. The audience was having a good time, too. Everyone was clapping to the music and cheering them on.


Acts like that aren’t new to Steve Harvey’s shows. He is so entertaining to his audience’s request and that’s why he’s loved by his fans.

Steve Harvey started his career in stand-up comedy in 1985. After several years of performing in small clubs, he was able to perfect his act and enter the 2nd Annual Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search. He made it to the finals.

From there, he was able to secure bigger roles such as hosting Showtime at the Apollo. And by 1996, he started his very own sitcom called The Steve Harvey Show. It stayed on the air until some time in 2002. After that, Steve took on more hosting jobs.

Apart from his passion for comedy, Steve also has a gift in giving relationship insights. In 2009, he became a bestselling author of relationship advice books. In 2010, Steve was able to take over Family Feud. It served as a good avenue for him to show not just his wits but also his ability to interact with everyday people.

You see, despite being famous, Steve still has a heart for people outside of the industry. This is because, prior to his success, he lived the life of a regular person.

Steve’s ability to connect with a lady he barely knows and dance with her with so much fun is just so amusing.



Beautiful Young Medical Student Sits Down At Piano Only To Grip Audience With Heart Pounding Song Choice

Tara, who is originally from Ontario, Canada, is currently a Graduate Entry Medical student at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland. An alumnus of Berklee College of Music (Class of 2016), she tells them she wants to be a pediatrician and IGT host, Michelle Visage, jokes that Tara will “sing to [her] kids while she gives them a shot.” Tara says, “Exactly! Someone else finally gets it.”

Ireland’s Got Talent Season 2 premiered last February 2, 2019 on Virgin Media One. The show continues to be presented by Irish radio and TV presenter, Lucy Kennedy. And Ireland’s Got Talent Season 1 judges, Jason Byrne, Denise van Outen, Michelle Visage, and Louis Walsh, has returned for Season 2.

The show’s format remains the same, where the season starts with two auditions. The open auditions are held in major cities of Ireland and the contestants who pass this round move on to the Judge’s Auditions, in front of a big audience. The judges make the final call of who gets to go to the live rounds. Contestants must win the majority of the judges where they vote Yes, or one judge presses a Golden Buzzer for them and automatically moves up to the live semi-finals.

During the semi-final rounds, the winners of each round are determined by two ways, vote via phone and the judges’ vote. In each round, two winners are picked. If there is a tie in the judges’ vote, the person with the second highest number of phone votes will advance to the final round.

In the finals round, the contestants all perform and the winners are only determined one way, by the public vote. The top two acts are called on stage to announce the winner of Ireland’s Got Talent. The winner gets €50,000 plus they get their own primetime Christmas TV special.

In her audition, Tara continued to joke around with the judges before she started to play. When she sat down, she pressed on the ivory keys and told the judges and the audience, “I just want to make sure it works”. This got a laugh from the judges and audience. Then Tara went forward with the real audition, which left the entire theater stunned and speechless all throughout her performance.

Be mesmerized by the soothing voice and expert piano skills of Tara Jamieson below.