Deaf Dog Is Caught Off Guard When She Spotted Her Soldier Dad Coming Toward Her

Noelle, a deaf Terrier mix, is the best of friends with her dad. So when he had to go away for his Army training mission, it was very difficult for the both of them to be apart.

But her owner’s friend made the time apart a little less stressful by watching Noelle for him while he was gone.

His friend volunteers at pet adoption events every weekend, so she took Noelle with her to an adoption event at PetSmart so that her dad could pick her up there as soon as he got home.


Of course Noelle couldn’t hear her dad coming, but once she saw him, she stood up in her crate and begin wagging her tail. This was the moment she had been waiting so long for.

As soon as she was let out of her crate, she jumped on her dad and smothered him with kisses. Her reaction is priceless and it is so obvious how much she loves her dad and vice versa!

Watch their sweet reunion for yourself in the video below:



This 8-Week-Old Beagle Just Discovered He Could Howl

Eight-week-old Copper has just discovered that he can howl, and his house has been all the happier ever since!

Copper is young, but he’s catching on quickly. His heavenly howls really fill a room with delight!

Beagles are known to howl as early as they’re first being weaned, and each develop their own unique call. Copper’s is not only one-of-a-kind, it’s adorable!

Gather your friends around and see whether they say “awweeee” or “awwoooo” after watching this.