Mama Dog Buries Her 9 Puppies To Save Them From Raging Forest Fire

Not man nor beast is safe from a raging fire, so imagine how horrible it must have been to experience a community fire. That’s precisely what happened in the region of Valparaiso in Chile. The cause of the fire was traced to an illegal landfill site, where someone was trying to burn piles of waste.

As people and animals tried to escape the fire that spread across their town, one female dog found herself caught in a critical situation.

A mama dog tried to keep her nine puppies alive and away from the inferno by burying them deep in a hole she dug herself. Sadly, this catastrophic fire cost one person his life, while thousands were forced to evacuate.


Just as it seemed the puppies may perish, someone told firefighters on the scene that they saw a dog digging a hole nearby. On closer inspection, the firefighters noticed the tiny pups, believed to be about two weeks old.

After a 45-minute ordeal to access the pups, everyone made it out alive. The mama dog was discovered hiding under a container.

The story captured hearts and clicks around the world. The brave mama dog was named La Negrita, and she and her pups were placed into foster care until they could be permanently adopted.

Watch the amazing rescue in the video below.

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Dog Caught Having Fun In The Kiddie Pool, So Dad Grabs The Camera

Teal is a Black Labrador who loves playing outside and being a goofball in general. But when it begins to get hot outside, she needs to cool off just like humans do. So, her parents decide to get her her very own kiddie pool so she can take a dip and play in the water.

Labradors love water by instinct, but little did they know Teal would end up loving the pool so much! She gets so lost in the fun she’s having, she forgets about the outside world and has a ball splashing the water with her front paws and swimming around in her personal pool. It’s like watching a little kid enjoy their first time in the pool.

She loves her pool so much, dad decided to film her so the world can share in her fun too! We want to thank dad for getting her the pool and for filming her! It’s awesome!

Watch her splashing around in the video below!

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