Teen Takes On Beloved Elvis Classic Bringing Busy Street To Standstill When Haunting Voice Emerges

Nothing really stays the same. Things either evolve or devolve. People will sometimes change their habits, their style, their opinions, their environment, their career, or their hairstyle. Change isn’t always bad, of course. Oftentimes, we need to improve ourselves and do something new.

In the case of the music industry, we always see new trends, new dances, and new artists. However, some classics are still sung and loved after several decades. Not every song has staying power, and it’s a testament to the genius and talent of a singer, songwriter, or producer when their masterpiece is still being sung in the new century.

One of the most iconic classics is “Cant Help Falling in Love,” which was first recorded and performed by world-renowned American singer Elvis Presley. It was part of his album, “Blue Hawaii,” which was released in 1961.


The composers, Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore, and George David Weiss, initially wrote that to be sung by a woman, but it was eventually performed by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Over the years, the song has seen multiple covers, performed by various artists like Bob Dylan, A-Teens, and UB40.

This single is a certified Platinum and spent four weeks in the Number 1 spot when it was first released in the 1960s. Because of its sweet melody, simple but heartfelt lyrics, this single became a quick favorite among couples everywhere.

It’s not surprising then to see some artists and musicians covering this song on YouTube. One of them is Allie Sherlock, a teenager who plays guitars and covers popular songs.

On January 15, 2019, she uploaded her cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” She was in the streets, strumming her guitar and giving her own twists and rifts to the iconic song.

While other people rushed by, several others took the time to listen and watch the young girl showcase her talent. There was even a man with his son, watching and singing along, standing to Allie’s far left.

Several people in the audience took pictures and videos of the talented young girl with very powerful vocal skills. Allie’s rendition was new but awe-inspiring. Her cover was still heartfelt and genuine, the acoustics complimenting her strong voice well. Allie ended her performance to a loud round of applause.

Allie hopes to get more opportunities to share her talents and passion. Hopefully, this will also encourage young girls to have the courage to showcase their skills to an audience. Allie has only been practicing the guitar for a few years but her determination and dedication to her craft has made things easier.


Never be afraid to share your talents and skills with the rest of the world, even if you have to start small.

Source: www.sharetap.it