Officer Rescues Puppy Ahead Of Hurricane And Decides To Keep Her For Good

For Pierce Police officer made their first hurricane rescue, but it wasn’t a human.

While Officer Martin Ortiz and Officer Michel Jean were on duty, awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Dorian, they responded to a call involving a local resident who said she was unable to care for a puppy.


The puppy, a Brindle Pit Bull, was only six weeks old, which is way too young to be left in a shelter cage to wait out the storm.

Upon arrival, Officer Jean fell in love with the puppy and immediately called his wife. He then FaceTimed his family so they could see the adorable pup.

His family fell in love with the puppy just as quickly as Officer Jean did, especially his son.

The other officers, who also loved the pup, suggested that Officer Jean not only take the pup in during the storm, but adopt her.


He and his family agreed and decided to give this sweet pup a loving home! They also named her Dory, which is short for Dorian after the hurricane!

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