Chaos Breaks Out In Restaurant When Stranger Pries Baby From Mom’s Arms As Mom Starts To Scream

On Thanksgiving Day, Hannah Marie Jarvis was trying to enjoy a peaceful dinner at a Golden Corral restaurant in Hendersonville, North Carolina with her 7-month-old infant and family, but fate had other plans. Hannah’s family of eight decided to go out for a nice “home cooked” meal so they would have more time to spend with each other instead of slaving away in the kitchen.

Although the new mom had everything to be grateful for that day, it wasn’t the turkey or pumpkin pie that she was celebrating. Calli had been enjoying a spoonful of mashed potatoes when a concerned waitress realized that the baby’s funny faces were nothing to laugh about. The server yelled out for help, and moments later Calli’s guardian angel appeared for the very first time.

Calli’s grandfather, Cimarron Waldrup, had just walked back to the table after getting some food, when he noticed something was wrong. There were napkins everywhere, at at first he thought the infant was just spitting up her food, but the poor thing was actually choking! He told WLOS:

“The folks turned to my grandbaby, and that’s when that lady that saved her came up.”
That’s when a higher power sent in a force of pure goodness to intervene.

“This lady named Deborah intervened, and she started performing the Heimlich maneuver on her. She held her down, like this, taking multiple blows to her back. It was miraculous, she started breathing again. She told me her name is Deborah Rouse.”
The Heimlich maneuver is typically used on adults and relies on hard compression’s below the rib cage. Experts say that in this case, the blows that Deborah used on Calli’s back was right on target to help save the choking infant.

On her Facebook page, Hannah recounted the fateful evening when a heaven-sent soul stepped in to take matters into her own hands.

“If anyone knows who Deborah Rouse is, this lady is a hero! If it weren’t for this angel, my daughter probably would have been wheeled away in an ambulance today. Thank you for saving my daughter’s life and thank you Trish from Golden Corral who helped intervene as well! My family and I can’t thank you enough for helping. My daughter is fine and has been seen at the ER and is perfectly happy and healthy now.”
Calli is now perfectly happy and healthy after making a visit to the ER. But, that trip to the hospital could have been much worse if Deborah hadn’t been in the right place, at exactly the right time.

Even though she thanked Deborah at the restaurant, Hannah still feels that she can’t thank the woman enough for saving her baby’s life, and wanted to track her down to thank her some more!

“I will never forget the many tears that were shed today in Golden Corral as this angel stepped in to preform the heimlich maneuver that saved my baby from choking to death. Most importantly, thank you Jesus for hearing our desperate cries for Calli this Thanksgiving afternoon. Christ was with us today. Christ made sure that he was going to protect my baby today and that’s just what he did.”
After the story made the news, Deborah came forward and said that she’s elated that Calli is doing so well. All the gratitude and joy that’s being spread around couldn’t have happened on a more perfect day!