Owners Who Threw 4 Puppies From Bridge Are Caught, Pups Reunited With Mama Dog

Deputies in Miami County were finally able to track the owners who tossed a litter of 4 newborn Labrador puppies off of a 15-ft tall bridge. 29-year-old Steven Bixler and his 36-year-old girlfriend, Shonda Lee, have confessed to their crimes after the cops caught them.

The cops instructed the couple to turn in the puppies’ 2-year-old mother, Precious, to the animal shelter, which they complied. The 10-week-old puppies were having a hard time surviving without their mother, and being around their mother will really help them.

In this video, we see Precious and her litter have an emotional reunion. The two boy and two girl pups huddle around their mother with joy after having missed her for so long. Precious embraces her babies with gentle kisses too.

Now that the puppies are no longer scared, the shelter hopes to find them proper forever homes. The local community has been exceedingly helpful in this entire ordeal, with many donating dog food or applying to adopt.

The cops haven’t disclosed what charges Steven and Shonda will be facing yet. We hope they are properly booked for this dreadful act of cruelty and face the consequences of their actions.

Click the video below to watch a report on these abusive owners and the puppies’ sweet reunion with their mother.