Dad Asks Pit Bull To Find The Baby, The Dog’s Answer Is Melting Our Hearts

Pit Bulls are often misunderstood because of their unfair reputation. But if the events of this video hold any truth, it’s proof that Pit Bulls can be gentle, nurturing protectors for the people that they care about.

In this video, we see Dad asking his Pit Bull named Diesel the whereabouts of Ridley, the family’s baby. Diesel is in attention-mode, as he intently listens to Dad’s commands. Once he fully comprehends that he needs to look for Ridley, he races across the room to find the baby!

Dad clicks his fingers and asks Diesel again,“Where’s the baby? Where’s Ridley?” Diesel runs to Ridley again, kissing him and ensures his safety. It is clear that Diesel has great affection for Ridley, and would protect him at all costs.


This video may not be in English, but you’ll have no trouble understanding the pure language of love and trust between Diesel and the baby. Even when he is so huge, Diesel is gentle like a butterfly when cuddling with little Ridley. This adorable video will surely make you go “Awwww” in no time!

Click the video below to watch the sweet Diesel caring for little Ridley!


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