Police Department Adopts Stray Dog After They Couldn’t Find His Family

Police picked up this stray dog and tried to find his family. But it’s what they’re doing now that’s got dog lovers talking…

When Ohio’s Kirtland Police Department picked up a stray dog running on the streets back in March of 2016, they put out the call to find the dog’s owner. A few weeks passed, and no one stepped forward to claim John Doe Dog.

The search for the friendly dog’s turned out to be fruitless. But rather than drop the Pit Bull mix off at the pound, the police department decided to do something completely different. They gave him a home at their police department!

“Some of you may have followed the story of our stray John Doe Dog,” Kirtland Police Department wrote on Facebook. “We tried to find the owner of this marvelous animal to no avail.”

“The folks here at the Police Department wanted a good home for JD (this is now his name) so with the permission of the Chief and the Mayor JD has been adopted by the Kirtland Police Association but they also share the warmth this stoic animal has brought with City Hall and the Fire Department. JD has fit into the environment as though he were here always. We are happy to have him in our department and our lives. He loves everyone and we love him.”

JD not only lives at the police department he visits the fire department often and “gets taken home with different city employees to visit in their homes, and he gets to go to the park etc. He is very popular and LOVED!”

JD is now surrounded by people who will love and protect him. And doesn’t he look right at home in that squad car?

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