Poor Pit Bull dog mix living in terrible conditions gets rescued on the brick of death!

When Scout was found by the Rescue dogs Rock NYC organization, he was in a horrible situation: he weighted only 29 pounds and he was all covered up in his own excrement.

This 2 year old pit bull mix was barely standing up and walk. He was on the brick of death!

When he tried to move, he fell on the floor, hurting his jaw.

His skinny body was full of ulcers, sores, and burns.

It was hard not to cry just looking at him.  It was all skin and bones.

He required urgent care and medical attention and thanks to the staff of the shelter, Scout made great steps in his recovery.

He gained at least five pounds within his first week of being there and his skin condition was clearly improving.

Scout was able to get around on his own too, and his soft fur was growing back.

Despite being abused by humans, Scout is an incredibly sweet, and loving guy. He is covering with kisses everyone that is involved in his care, showing his appreciation.

Thanks to the fact that his story became viral through social media, helped the shelter to raise enough money to continue caring for this adorable pup until he is healthy enough to be ready for adoption.

Whoever treated this beautiful dog this way, clearly doesn’t have a heart! How can anyone be so cruel?

Thankfully, Scout has now a second chance in life and hopefully, he will find a forever loving home. He clearly needs some spoiling.

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