Popsicle, a pit bull dog abandoned by drug dealers becomes the top drug sniffing dog for U.S. Customs! Amazing story!

During an arrest of a known drug dealer in Buffalo, New York, Officer Ron Clark Jr. spotted an old freezer on the back porch.

He opened it carefully and inside he found a bulging black garbage bag. He poked it with his flashlight and it started moving. His worst fear was that is was a baby…

In fact, it was a pit bull puppy, who had been left to die after being used as a bait dog for dog fighters…he was undernourished, hypothermic and near death.

“He was in bad shape, but I was drawn to him,” says SPCA adoption counselor Shannon Wille, who named the pup Popsicle.

He made a quick full recovery, but unfortunately, no one wanted to adopt a pit bull. Everyone was afraid of his breed’s reputation.

The only hope it was that Popsicle would qualify for the dog-training school in Front Royal, Va. so the shelter contacted U.S. Customs Officer Sally Barr to see if they could sign him up.

It was a long shot because Barr had been testing 500 dogs in the last three years, and only four of them have made the cut.

Luckily, Popsicle was crazy in love with playing tug-of-war, so he impressed him with his strength, graduating top of his class!

Only two months after graduation, he became a celebrated alumnus, as he was involved in the biggest cocaine bust in history at the Hidalgo, Texas port of entry. Popsicle located a ton and a half of cocaine that had a street value of $139,605,000 under a tractor-trailer.

He was on his hind legs, barking, trying to reach up to the bottom of the truck.

Later on, he went to work at the Port of Roma, Texas, where he made 24 marijuana seizures (12,080 lbs worth $640,000), one cocaine seizure (148 lbs worth $6,719,200), and two currency seizures ($65,144).

Popsicle is a dog who overcame his abusive start in life and had his chance to get back at the crooks. And he took it!

While working at Roma, he suffered a career-ending injury to his knee – an injury that required surgery. Now, he is retired and living a life of leisure with his owner. He totally deserves it! 🙂