Puppy Walks Through Over 100 Miles Of Forest To Find Family!

Some dogs deserve much better than their owners but love them anyway. This puppy’s family treated her terribly, but all she wanted was to return home.

Manora, or Maru, is an adorable bullmastiff. She is incredibly friendly and has a big heart.

When the dog’s breeder found a family that wanted to adopt Maru, she thought that they were the perfect match. The five-month-old puppy left the breeder and went to what was supposed to be her forever home.


Unfortunately, the owners didn’t take to Maru too easily. Maru was loving to them, but they didn’t like her energy.

In six months time, when they realized that the fully grown puppy would be this energetic forever, the owners did something shocking.

On the phone to the breeder, the family claimed that they were allergic to Maru.
The breeder was shocked to hear this, as when the family had been holding the puppy, they didn’t have any kind of allergic symptoms. But she agreed to take Maru back in. After all, she didn’t want the puppy to be alone in a shelter.

The family then put Maru onto a train. The dog was to meet the breeder when the train arrived at the breeder’s station.
Not one member of the family would accompany Maru on the long journey back to the breeder. Instead, they paid an attendant to watch the dog.

As soon as the train departed with Maru but without Maru’s family, the dog started to panic.
The attendant tried to balance his work with looking after the dog, but this was very difficult.

A hundred miles away from the family, the train stopped at a station. Maru was still panicking and desperate to find the people that she loved.

So she leaped off of the train and ran into the woods.

A witness would later say that Maru jumped out of the compartment “like a bullet.”
The jump caused Maru a lot of pain. When she landed, her paws and muzzle broke. Her paw pads were also badly scraped.

Before the attendant could alert the driver, the train pulled away from the station. It looked like the dog would die in the woods unless someone could rescue her.

The attendant called the family. The family contacted the breeder. The breeder asked the family to find Maru, as she was technically still their responsibility until she was returned. But the family said that they wouldn’t bother.

In fact, the breeder says that on the phone, the family didn’t sound in the least bit upset. Their negligence had caused a loving animal to become injured and put in grave danger, but they did nothing.

The breeder wanted to find Maru, but she was busy with her own work. So she posted to social media and asked people in the area to keep a lookout.
A couple of days later, someone contacted the breeder. They had seen Maru limping in an industrial area. They had managed to lure the dog over with food, and they were now looking after her.

The breeder was incredibly relieved. As it had been a couple of days, she was beginning to think the worst had happened.
Then the breeder asked where the person had found the puppy. Amazingly, Maru was back in the city where her (still technically) owners lived. The dog had spent the last two days marching through 100 miles of forest that was filled with bears. She was now just a couple of miles from her family’s home.


Later, when the breeder came to pick Maru up, they told her that the dog had been crying when they found her. Clearly, she was missing her owners.

When Maru saw the breeder, she felt happy again. She wasn’t the dog’s family, but Maru could remember her from her earliest months.

The breeder has since given Maru much needed medical care. She is on her way to recovery.
And the best news is that Maru should have no difficulty in finding a family that realizes how special she truly is. The breeder’s posts about Maru’s journey have been seen by almost everyone in her area, and the breeder is now inundated with people who want to adopt this incredibly loyal dog.