Rescued Pit Bull Dog Sandro From Holland Shares An Ice Cream With His Human Brother

This is Sandro from Holland; he is around 4 years old and he was rescued from a shelter when he was only 6 weeks. He was just a tiny puppy.

Now, he is the sweetest dog on earth, a real blessing for his family.

He loves his human brother and he shares an ice cream with him! Aww, that’s so sweet!

The little boy is handling the popsicle and gives it to the dog too; Sandro cutely licks it, tasting the sweet treat and enjoying it.

Dogs seem to love the delicious dairy dessert, as we’ve seen in so many other adorable videos, but is it good for them?

Though it may be tempting to share it with your best friend, it’s better to avoid giving ice cream to dogs.

Dogs’ bodies are not designed to digest milk after they are no longer puppies, and since ice cream is made with milk, feeding your dog ice cream could lead to gas, bloating, vomiting and so on.

Another problem is that it’s loaded with sugar, and feeding your dog sugary foods can lead to weight gain or dog diabetes. Even if it says it’s sugar-free, you need to make sure that there is no xylitol used; it’s a sweetener, but for dogs, it’s really toxic.

As an alternative for a summer treat, plain unsweetened frozen yogurt might be a better choice. It’s fermented and contains less lactose. You can also find or prepare vegan ice cream alternatives,