Shelter Fires 3 Volunteers Who Raised Their Voice Against High 108F Kennel Temps

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control had a tough week after a picture of 3-digit temperatures of their kennels went viral. Upset over the public outcry, the shelter authorities have fired 3 volunteers in retaliation.

Erika Edmark, Lorena Bader and Jordan Bader are the ones who received a termination message from the shelter. Jordan says that she did take the picture but did not leak them to the media. The women discussed the shelters’ overheated kennels in a private chat, the screenshots of which were shared with the shelter authorities by another staff member.

A county spokesman has confirmed this termination and said that the women were terminated because of their own actions. He adds that the women were conspiring to belittle the animal care operation and employees.

The women feel frustrated over being let go after their private chat was exposed. They stand by their comments on the shelter and claim that they only made those comments after the shelter failed to improve the dogs’ living conditions despite their repeated pleas. The women now fear that the dogs will continue to suffer in their absence. Do you think the termination of these volunteers was justified?

Click the video below to watch the detailed report on the conditions around the termination of these volunteers.