Mom Sets Up Camera When Teddy Bear Keeps Disappearing Only To Capture Footage That Has Her Losing It

Some dogs like balls, others prefer squeaky toys, but this dog loves his plush teddy bear. That’s why he was determined to bring the massive stuffed animal inside his small kennel. The hilarity that followed is something everyone needs to bear witness to!

While squeaky toys and teddy bears (like this) are perfect for some pups, BarkPost explains that others prefer nature’s goodies over store-bought items. The website explains, “Dogs investigate the world with their mouths. It is common for puppies, and even adult dogs to examine fascinating outdoor goodies like pine cones, rocks, sticks, bugs and grass by picking them up in their mouths. Sticks may be reminiscent of the shape and texture of bone – which we know they love to chew. A nice round rock may remind them of a ball.”


No matter what your pupper loves to play with, any dog owner can relate to this hilarious video. With all of the might in the world, this dog pulls his favorite cuddly teddy bear into the kennel! It’s clear he doesn’t want to spend naptime alone. Take a peek at this silly video for yourself by pressing “play” below. This pup definitely can’t be expected to take a snooze without his teddy…


It was a picturesque wedding until the ring bearer’s unforgettable entrance steals the show

For this young boy, all the attention he was receiving seemed to go unnoticed. In that moment he was like a little celebrity as camera lights flashed at him to capture the moment, but he didn’t seem to give much thought to it. After all, he was a toddler with plenty on his mind. When his destination came closer than ever, it appears the attention was noted after all. He decided to do a trick before all the wedding guests that took them all by complete surprise. He started off so polite, but then something wild grabbed a hold of his actions.

It didn’t matter if people laughed and it didn’t matter what consequences would follow his daring move. All he knew was that more fun was available and it all depended on what he could pull off with the pillow he was holding. When the maid of honor, along with the entire wedding party was all in reach, he made his move. Watch how the guests respond to his hilarious plan in the video below.