Dog’s Owners Sell The Cow Who Raised Him So He Ran Away To Find Her

Some relationships are not so easy to explain. They just happen. For a sweet puppy, named Rookie, he bonded so closely to a cow who then naturally took on the role of his mama. Rookie was an abandoned pup who longed for love and affection. When Rookie’s owners took him in, he naturally bonded to the sweet cow. She became his playmate, best friend, and surrogate mom.

Then Rookie’s owners fell on hard times. Keeping a cow well-fed and cared for in a stable is very expensive. They had no choice but to sell her. It broke their hearts to give her up but they felt that she would get a better home down the road with neighbors. They had no idea what would happen next!


Rookie found his best friend and surrogate mom was suddenly gone. He cried and cried. He refused to eat. He just laid around, wanting nothing to do with life anymore. He felt life wasn’t worth living if he had to do so without his best friend.

After several days of agony, and Rookie’s owners trying to cheer him up and get him to eat, he took off and ran away. With his keen nose, he was able to track the cow to her new stable. When Rookie saw her, he went crazy! He was so grateful to see her and know she was okay. His reaction was so heartwarming that Rookie’s owners knew they had to do something.

They decided to cut back financially on other things so they could bring the cow home. They gave the money back to the neighbor who agreed that the cow and dog belonged together. How could anyone with a heart keep them apart?

Now, they’re back together living their best lives. This MOO-ving story just proves yet again that animals are amazing! Watch the wonderful story unfold in the video below!


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NFL Player Gifts Teen A New Service Dog After Hers Was Shot Outside Home

Westmoreland has diabetes, and Journey was trained to detect when her blood sugar was dropping.

But Westmoreland’s life came crashing down when her beloved Journey was shot outside their home while he was cooling off in a pond. They believe the shooter was riding a four-wheeler or dirt bike.

With tears in her eyes, Westmoreland held her dying pup’s head on her lap as she kissed him goodbye and told him it was going to be okay.

Journey was rushed to the animal hospital, but sadly succumbed to the gunshot wound.

“The day Journey died, for the first time in my life, I couldn’t figure out how good could come from something so awful,” Tina Westmoreland, Hannah’s mother, told NBC 5. “Journey was pretty special. He really was a special part of our family.”