Strange Cloud Baffles Everyone, People Debate Whether It Looks Like A Dog Or Cat

Animal lovers spend a significant chunk of their internet time gushing over pictures of cute animals, especially dogs and cats! So when they came across a picture of a cloud that looked like a giant cat making a leap, they were in for a debate.

On first look, this cloud looks like a celestial cat trying to leap over the houses in the neighborhood. People were quick to catch on the edges of the cloud that looked like ears and paws.

If we look closely, we can also make out the cat’s whiskers and eyes. But some people couldn’t make out the cat shape in the cloud, so someone drew an outline of a cute cat around the cloud to prove their point!

But another section of the internet sees something else. They see a dog in the very same cloud! To seal their argument, they too outlined the cloud in a way that looks like a dog who is looking upwards!

We’ll have to say, both these pictures are pretty convincing. Perhaps, it is all about the perspective. As this cloud kicked up an internet-storm, another beautiful cloud picture has popped up, and this one is looks quite dreamy!

Like a fairy tale, this picture looks like a giant turtle is giving a ride to a dog and a cat in a fantasy land. Do share with us whether you see a dog or a cat. Pass on this spirit-lifting cloud to others and make them smile!