Students Grab School Lunch Only To Discover Cafeteria Worker Leaves Private Message On Banana

Stacey Truman has been a “lunch lady” for nearly a decade. She’s spent the last nine years watching hundreds of students grow up before her very eyes and move onto the next step in life, including her very own children. From athletes to theater kids, goths to the academically focused, she’s befriended them all!

Even though it’s hard to watch her students grow up, Stacey believes it’s her responsibility to make them smile while she can. That’s why she started the “talking banana” project…

Stacey prepares and serves hundreds of lunches every single day. As if that wasn’t enough work, Stacey also takes the time to hand-write dozens of positive messages on the students’ bananas. She writes happy things like:

“You’re a superstar!”

“You’re smart.”

“Dream big!”
This is her special way of wish each and every student well. The banana messages are a pat on the back and a whispering word of encouragement when they need it the most. She told WTKR News that the “talking bananas” are something she did for her own kids while they were young – so why not do it for all of her other children at school?

“I do it for my kids at home, so why not bring it here and do it for them because they are like my kids… Most of [the messages] I came up with myself because I would just think about what you would tell a kid or what you would want to hear yourself.”

While some students think the messages are cheesy, others look forward to them every day. These students think of the talking bananas as a fortune cookie, of sorts! Even though her mission is just a few words scribbled onto a piece of fruit, it gives Stacey’s students the push they need to make it through the school day.

Stacey doesn’t have to spend a fortune to get the kids’ attention or make a difference. She just needs a permanent marker, tons of bananas and a wave of positivity.

Learn more about Stacey’s incredible lunchtime mission below. She’s an angel!


Dog Trapped In Small Box His Entire Life As Rescuers Discover The Piercing Truth

After the mill was shut down, rescuers came in to remove Cesar and his puppy friends. They had no idea the pups were in such poor health…

As soon as Cesar was brought into the veterinarian’s office, the medical team rushed to his aide. They knew they had to act fast if Cesar was going to make it through the night. The team got to work chopping off his matted fur and treating the countless infections that covered his tiny body. It was clear that he had never received medical attention – or any attention at all.

Instead of trying to fight the humans, Cesar stood back and allowed them to do their job. He must’ve sensed that they were only there to help.

The teamed worked tirelessly to free Cesar from his furry bondage. He wouldn’t be confined to a small space anymore – the world was going to be his oyster, one way or another! After hours of carefully shaving, trimming and treating, the vet was able to remove all of Cesar’s excess matter fur.

He was finally a free pupper!

After the fur situation was handled, the vet staff turned their attention to Cesar’s obvious malnutrition. They pumped him full of fluids, nutrients and medicine. All they could do after that was hope and pray for his recovery.

Thankfully, their comprehensive treatment plan worked! Cesar healed completely and was eventually adopted by a loving family who would never consider trapping him in a box. He gets free roam of the house, the yard and their hearts!

Watch Cesar’s transformation from start to finish below. We’re so glad he’s safe now!


“I Followed The Sounds Of The Screams Confident Nobody Was Ded Since There Was Yelling. What I Found Was My Son”

Author Diana Register knows this feeling better than most. With a house full of busy children, she understands what it feels like to run a home, balance a marriage and try to keep her sanity at the same time.

But according to a recent post, Diana’s family underestimated her dirty dish-related meltdown. She finally had enough. It was time for the nuclear option…

In a hilarious post shared with Love What Matters page, Diana explained why she had a mental breakdown in the first place and how her family responded to the new world order she implemented immediately after.

They were very confused, very scared and even her late husband didn’t know how to react.

Diana wrote:

“I took my family on a field trip once. I told them to get dressed, brush their hair, put on good, firm walking shoes, and gather up whatever they needed to be comfortable. Once I gathered them in the living room, made sure they were all set and ready to go, we embarked on our adventure. Straight to the dishwasher.

For a minute, they were confused. I smiled at their quandary. I had evil, secret thoughts of happiness in my black heart. I could see the look of disgust on their beautiful faces as they slowly put my scheme together in their heads. The clearer it became, their faces changed, and their arms folded. I gave them a crooked grin. I probably winked.

My voice dripped with sarcasm as I pointed at the contraption. ‘This my loves, is a dishwasher.’ Doing my best Vanna White impression, I continued. ‘You see, you can open this door and it just fold rights down. You can put dishes inside of it. You can put cups inside of it. You can put silverware inside of it. You can do all of this without barely breaking a sweat.’ They collectively rolled their eyes. ‘And then, if there are clean dishes inside, you can just remove those and put them in a cabinet.’

My explanation was thorough. In between the heavy sighing and stammering of little feet, it was well received. For a week. I even left out a stack of red plastic cups for their drinking pleasure.

Then, one night, I came home from work. A long, 12-hour shift. Exhausted, I stumbled into the bedroom, changed from my work pants to my yoga pants and tied my hair into a messy bun. I wanted a hot bath. I wanted some sleep. But, first, a nice glass of wine to take the edge of the day off.

Oh, how I wished at the moment I walked into the kitchen that I actually used my yoga pants for yoga. Oh, how I wished I knew how to do relaxation breathing. The only time I ever learned how to ‘breathe through’ something was when I was in labor and by the time my cervix was opened to a 4, there was no calm breathing, just screaming. This situation was no different.

As I sauntered into the kitchen and saw it, horror music played. You know, the song track they use in the movies when some serial killer is stabbing his victim by the lake at summer camp? My eyes fixated on it. The vein in my neck started bulging. My blood pressure shot to unsafe levels.

Seventeen, yes, 17 cups in the damn sink. Not one. Not five. Seven-fricking-teen. Apparently, my son decided to clean out his room. I am not sure why he loved chocolate milk so much, but I am sure by the looks of it there was a lone cow standing in a field somewhere crying in pain with sore teats from milk depletion. I tried to calm down. I really did. But wasn’t it just the week prior I showed [them] how to put those in the dishwasher?”
How could he forget such an easy lesson? But then a thought popped into her mind… Maybe it wasn’t forgetfulness. Maybe the reason for the 17 cups was pure laziness. That’s when the rage really began.

“‘Ok,’ I told myself. ‘Breathe. Breathe like they showed you in Lamaze.’ Hee, hee, ha, ha, ho, ho. ‘Maybe the dishwasher is full. Maybe he had to go rescue a baby animal somewhere. Maybe he twisted his arm carrying it all to the sink and he had to go to the emergency room.’ I flung open the dishwasher. Empty. EMPTY. I screamed…

I had had it.

I was done.

I slammed the dishwasher shut. I called out for him. I called out for anybody who would listen. His bedroom door opened, and he ran down the hall.

‘What’s wrong? What happened? Why are you screaming?’ He was worried.

Fire burned in my eyes.

He backed away.

I pointed to the sink.

‘Oh yeah, I cleaned out my room.’

My eyes bulged. ‘WHYARETHEDISHESNOTINTHEDISHWASHER?’ Yes, I said it like it was all one word.

‘I dunno.’

‘You DON’T know?’ He shrugged his shoulders. He might have smiled. ‘Alright, that’s it. That’s IT! I will show you ‘I don’t know.’ You’re going to be sorry. I have HAD IT.’

I don’t even know what he said, if he even said anything. I blew past him and into the garage, grabbing the first storage bin I could find. I wrestled with it while I dragged it through the laundry room and over the heap of towels that somebody left on the floor. By the time I got back to the kitchen, he was gone, and in his place was my husband.

‘Are you ok, dear?’ He quipped.


He knew better than to say another word. He watched, silently, while I packed the dishes. He said nothing as I loaded the container with our plates, bowls, cups, silverware. Everything. I packed the entire kitchen.

When I was done, he addressed it. With his eyes wide open, he leaned in and whispered, ‘What are they supposed to eat off of?’”

Diana’s not-so-silent rage was replaced with frightening quiet anger. She carefully removed one plate, bowl, fork, knife and spoon.

“I took three deep, controlled breaths before I turned away and dug out one place setting for each of the children living in my house. One plate, one bowl, one cup, one silverware setting. I surprised myself at how calm I was while I placed the items on the counter. I turned to look at him and paused before I spoke. I cleared my throat.


I don’t remember if it was me or my husband who explained it to the kids. Probably him. I am sure I had blacked out from banging my head on the wall. Nobody said anything as I walked by them later and they were cleaning off their one dish when they were hungry again. My son never said anything while he soaked off the milky film from his cup. I’m sure they were terrified. Even my husband must have been scared because, a few days later, I found him standing at the coffee maker pouring coffee into a small, pink, toy teacup he must have found in my daughter’s playset.

‘What are you doing?’ I was puzzled.

‘I never got my allotment.’

I found the man a coffee cup. In his car. In a cardboard box where he stored them after he took them to work. 25 of them. On occasion, I would find that box on the front porch, like he was leaving me a gift. Well, buddy, you can’t have them all, but you can have my ‘Tinkerbell’ coffee cup. I think it eventually became his favorite.”
Even though he was scared of his wife’s sudden change in kitchen policy, Diana’s husband went along with everything. That was, until he had to rescue her while she was trying to prove a point!

“My husband was better with the kids. Way more patient. Much more forgiving.

Until that one night.

I don’t know why, but when my kids would need to get something out of a cabinet that was mounted on the wall, they would climb up onto the counter, open both cabinet doors and, in an effort to hold themselves up, they would often (and it better have been subconsciously) pull back on the doors to balance themselves. I never thought much about it until, one night, I heard a crash and subsequent screaming.

Oh, for the love of all that’s Holy, what now?

I followed the sounds of the screams, pretty confident that nobody was dead since he was still yelling. What I found was my son, on the counter in the laundry room, with all of the contents of what used to be in the cabinet on the floor below him. Art supplies. Glue. Glitter. Paper. Pens. Popsicle sticks. Batteries. A random video game controller. Halloween blood. A ski pass. A bunch of freaking junk I stashed up there. And on top of him, the cabinet, which luckily, when it came down, hit the wall behind him and, thankfully, didn’t crush him. Yes, friends, after all those years of hanging on it, it finally came unhinged, pretty much like me. I knew I had to help him although I did quickly calculate how long he might be able to stay in that position, holding up the cabinet, before he fell. I took position under him, held up the cabinet myself so he could get out, and what do you think he did?

He left me there.

So, at that point, I am holding up the cabinet, trying to balance my footing on some old phone book on the ground. I have one free hand. Barely. I manage to reach my cell phone and type out a quick message to my husband, who was at work. As a police officer.

‘Need help.’

I meant to follow up with something like, ‘I just need you to lift something.’ Or, ‘The cabinet fell, and I can’t get it back up.’ Or, ‘Just need your help really quick.’ That would have been great but, as soon as I finished the first text, of course, the phone fell, on the floor, out of my reach and there was no way I was letting go of the cabinet to try to get it. And, for some odd reason, nobody came running to help me. But, maybe, that was because in all the commotion, somehow the laundry room door shut, and nobody could hear my muffled screams. My husband never texted me back. After about 5 minutes, I was sure I was going to meet my untimely death when the cabinet came crashing down on my head. This wasn’t the way I wanted to go. No, I had big plans. At least let me be trampled… dancing in the streets during a Carnival in Rio de Janeiro or something. Not this. Not crushed by a cabinet. In the laundry room. Are you kidding me? Dying in the laundry room? The laundry room has already sucked out my soul and now it wants to take my life, too?

Just when I was about to give up, I heard it. The garage door opening. Somebody was home. Somebody was going to save me. There was a pause before the back door to the garage opened. It was like whoever was out there was planning something. Come to find out, they were.

Because just then, just as the back door swung open, the front door did as well, and the deep voices of many men came ringing through the house.

‘Police! Police!’

You have got to be [kidding] me.

Yes, folks. I should have finished that text.

When they found me, in the laundry room, holding the cabinet with its contents all over the floor, they couldn’t help but laugh. I was in my pajamas. My hair was falling down in pieces around my face. I was tired. I was stuck in pure hell. I didn’t even have any makeup on. They patted my husband on the back and wished him well. My husband didn’t say a word. Not one word. Not one laugh. Not one sound.

He and his buddy lifted it off. His friend was trying to help without giggling. That was working until the last little bits of glitter came tumbling down on my head when they moved it.

My husband still didn’t break a smile. I tried to give him sad, puppy eyes, but still, nothing. They carefully placed the cabinet on the floor in the kitchen.

Oh, how I wish I had given him a better coffee cup.

Speaking of coffee cups, it worked. It really did. Because a month after I packed up the kitchen, I was lying in bed, watching mindless reality shows, when my son came in, sat down and quietly told me he had a question for me.

‘What do I have to do to earn back the forks?’

I composed a list of chores in my head as rainbows appeared in my room and unicorns danced around in delight.”
Their children meticulously followed her list and earned back each piece of silverware that was taken away. Now the “dishes” story is famous in the Register home – and everyone knows not to mess with Mom when it comes to keeping the sink clean.

Sadly, Diana’s husband is no longer with us, but she captured tales from their time together with her book “Grief Life” and her new novel. While nothing can ever bring him back or fill the hole in her family’s hearts, her words help keep his spirit alive!