Rescued Chihuahua Births 10 Puppies, And She’s Not Done Yet! Goes After World Record

The average litter size for Chihuahuas is five puppies, so you can imagine the surprise that awaited foster mom Josie Brown when one of her foster Chihuahuas ended up giving birth to a world record litter!

The Chihuahua, named “Laugh Out Loud”, or “LOL”, was recently rescued from a hoarding situation in Mission, Kansas by Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption. Since LOL was heavily pregnant, the rescue team rushed to find her a foster home so she could give birth in a safe and comfortable environment.

Enter Josie Brown. Josie agreed to foster LOL and made sure LOL felt at home so she could give birth without any complications. LOL seemed happy with the arrangement and soon went into labor at her new home. When she had delivered five puppies, Josie thought that was it. She went to check in on LOL, but to her surprise, LOL hadn’t finished giving birth just yet!

Josie watched in shock as LOL kept popping out one puppy after another! When the number finally reached ten, LOL seemed to be done and began to rest. An overwhelmed Josie made sure they were comfortable and went to bed.

The next morning something extraordinary awaited Josie! LOL had given birth to yet another puppy! Eleven puppies in total!

Josie just couldn’t believe it. After much research, Josie found that LOL had broken the world record for most puppies born to a Chihuahua! That too on National Puppy Day! Incredible!

If that’s not amazing, we don’t know what is! Click the video below to watch this amazing story!


Man Drives Down Highway With Horse On The Back Of Pickup Truck

Another driver, Ami Parbs, had her child record the epic sighting and we get to celebrate this brainiac with a standing ovation. Come on, people, you know you want to stand up and give this guy a round of applause for being SO DARN SMART!

The horse’s reins are being held by the driver through the back window while he cruises down the highway. The horse’s owner was allegedly pulled over by a state trooper but it’s not known at this time if he was cited for anything.


We just can’t make this sh*t up. Scroll down to watch the unforgettable video.