Special Needs Boy Is Rejected Before Dance Only To Have Date Show Up Forcing Mom To Lose It

The homecoming dance is a special time most high schoolers look forward to. It’s a night where everyone can have fun, let their hair down, and enjoy the company of friends. Another thing most students love about the dance is the thrill of asking someone out. It’s intimidating, that’s for sure! Just imagine being rejected by someone you like.

Sadly, Daniel Revis could not find a date for the dance. Daniel, who is born with Down Syndrome, had trouble asking the girls out. They were either unavailable or perhaps unwilling to have him as a date. No matter the reason, Daniel felt broken. But one young lady went out of her way to make sure that like all of their peers, Daniel too had a dance to remember.

If you choose to be anything, choose to be kind.

You’ve probably heard of that quote before. Kindness is something we can all give for free and without any feeling of guilt or remorse. So the next time you see a neighbor, friend, or family in need, don’t hesitate to reach out for them. You never know just how much your actions will impact their lives.


Take a cue from Kylie Fronius, a tenth-grader who asked Daniel to the dance. She staged the invitation for Daniel and surprised him in the process. No one was more happy for Daniel than his mother, Tonya. She couldn’t contain her tears as she was watched her son attend the dance with his special date.

Daniel was looking handsome in a crisp white polo shirt. Kylie looked beautiful too, especially with that lovely brooch on her wrist. Everything seemed like it was gearing up to be a night of fun and laughter. But little did this pair know, a huge surprise was waiting for them.

Local news channel FOX5 saw Kylie’s video after it was uploaded online. Moved by her thoughtfulness, they didn’t hesitate to pay a visit to the teens and give them a surprise they won’t ever forget.

To start off, the FOX5 Surprise Squad arranged a Rolls Royce to escort the duo to the dance. The teens were also treated to a meal in a fancy Italian restaurant. Tonya tearfully recalled all the times they would pass by, unable to afford the food they served.

When Kylie and Daniel arrived at school, they had a red carpet laid out just for them. The rest of the night went even better. Daniel couldn’t wipe the smile off his face as he danced the night away. But the FOX5 team had one more surprise up their sleeve. We won’t spoil it for you, this is something you’d definitely want to see for yourself!


Source: www.sharetap.it