Cyclists Save Dog Tied Tightly to Tree, so Tight She Couldn’t Lie Down…

The rope around her neck was so tight she couldn’t lie down…but look what these men did.

A group of bicyclists in Portugal came across an abandoned dog tied to a tree and saved her life. The video, shared on Facebook by the Spanish animal welfare group, Asociación Animalista Libera (Free Animal Association), went viral after they posted it.

They wrote [translated]:

“It takes a very bad person to leave a defenseless animal like that, with a rope that would not allow [her] to lie down.”

The dog was wound so tightly around the tree she couldn’t move her neck.

The dog was scared when they approached, so they tried to win her trust by offering her some food.

From the dog’s thin frame and expose ribs it appears she had not eaten for some time.

The men are cautious as no one wanted to be bitten. They continue to offer the dog food, which she wolfs down and as she eats one man cuts the rope from around the dog’s neck to free her.

Asociación Animalista Libera spoke for everyone when they added:

“She was very lucky that a group of cyclists found him and decided to rescue him. A thousand thanks!”

Although it’s unclear what happened to the rescued dog, Uriel Salem Fernandez commented on the video revealed the following [translated]:

“Hello everyone, through an extensive research I managed to get in touch with one of the cyclists and a Portuguese animal rescue, and learned that the dog is with the volunteer firefighters of Valongo. She will stay with them for the time being, but there are many people interested in adopting her in case they cannot keep her, so good news!”

That is wonderful news! We’re so glad the dog not only was freed, but has a bright future ahead of her.

The internet reacted:


Police Introduces The World To Their Newest K-9 Recruits! These Pups Are Too Cute For Words!

All six siblings will be trained in Taipei where the NPA’s K-9 unit is based out of… that is, as soon as they can keep their eyes open! The pups will be trained together and with the officers. And while all six siblings will be trained to detection dogs, only one will be trained to sniff out blood. According to BuzzFeed, Fushin (aka Lucky Star), the solo yellow lab of his litter, will be the only one trained for blood detection because of his personality.

The pups have a lot of work cut out for them, but despite their sleepy dispositions, they are ready for the job. As they wait for the pups to grow older, according to BuzzFeed, officers in the K-9 Unit have begun getting the siblings used to the scent of narcotics. But other than that, the pups are preparing for their entry into a life filled with police work by posing on cop cars and in K-9 Unit vests! Now that’s my kind of preparation!


Sweet, Fearful Dog And Her Feline Best Friend Need A Home Together

While driving her daughter to school one day, Myka Berkson spotted a gorgeous German Shepherd along the highway. She pulled over at a house nearby and asked a person there if the dog belonged to their family. As it turned out, the dog didn’t belong to anyone. According to, the family told Myka, “If you can catch it, you can have it.”

The German Shepherd was extremely fearful of people and would not let Myka or anyone else near her. But not long after spotting the dog, Myka saw a small black kitten who approached her, and when she did, the dog followed.

The Berksons are experienced in pet care, especially with German Shepherds. The couple currently has five dogs, including their fifth ever German Shepherd. Myka previously ran a volunteer rescue group and she and Andrew were both active in finding homes for pets in need. Experience told them that though the dog would be a challenge, getting her off the streets was possible.

Twice a day for four months Andrew and Myka Berkson returned to the area to feed the cat, who they call Gizmo, and the dog, Libby. Gizmo proved to be much less guarded than Libby, but the couple decided they would not take one without the other, as they appear to be bonded.

Even after four months, Libby would not allow herself to be touched. The couple had tried to trap her, but she proved to be too clever for tricks! It became clear that she would need to be sedated to get her to safety and away from the highway.

Their plan took a lot of time and patience so it would not be traumatic for Libby. First, Andrew and Myka built a small pen for Libby, where they fed her for two weeks. Then, with the help of a veterinarian, they sedated her by adding oral meds to her food one day, then giving her an injection. While she was under they were able to vaccinate her and get her to safety. Andrew and Myka tell iHeartDogs,

“We then brought her home and felt much relief and joy to get her here. In the week she has been here, she is making progress every day though we are measuring this in millimeters not inches. As you can see in the video, we are now able to pet her and walk with her on a leash. She is though still incredibly fearful and cowers every time we go to touch her.”

The Berkson family absolutely loves German Shepherds, but both Andrew and their daughter are allergic to cats. Though they could keep Libby and find a home for Gizmo, they believe the two are bonded and belong together. They’re looking for a home where both Libby and Gizmo are welcome. The Berksons estimate that Libby is about five or six years old, and Gizmo is nine months old.

“Gizmo the cat is just a joy and is easy. Libby is really a work in progress and is going to take a lot of time, patience, love and a very gentle touch. We don’t know her history but think she was probably abused in the past and has trouble trusting people. Not at all aggressive but scared.

“Interestingly, we were able to put our hands in her bowl while she ate and stroke her muzzle but were never able to pet her or catch her. She is very smart and cautious.

“She needs someone with dog experience – this is not a job for beginners or someone who expects that if they just add food and water that she will instantly turn into an easy regular old dog.”

The ideal home will have space to play, and loving people who can show Libby gentleness and patience.

“We think it might be better if they went to a home without other pets but it is difficult to know for sure. There is a chance that the right dog might be helpful in modeling for and teaching Libby how to trust and find joy in people. We think that older kids would likely be okay as they would understand being slow, gentle and quiet in dealing with her. Will obviously have to have a fenced yard and they absolutely have to be inside pets. Libby needs to be around her people constantly in order to bond and trust.”

Can you or someone you know give Libby and Gizmo a forever home? Interested parties should contact the Berksons at