Teen Unleashes Rendition Of “Hallelujah” So Moving Forces Everyone To Soar From Their Seats In Glory

The UK television series All Together Now is a music competition where singers take the stage and try to impress a panel of judges consisting of a whopping one hundred music experts and performers across the UK. One segment of the show is called The Sing-Off where the scores of the second and third placed acts are reset to zero. The lucky hopefuls who make it as far as The Sing-Off must perform a song chosen from a shortlist. In this episode, a talented young singer named Michael Rice made the first season of the show unforgettable with his winning rendition of the timeless song entitled “Hallelujah.”

He took to the stage with confidence and impressive calmness despite the fact that he was already in the defining moment. It seems Michael already made quite an impression judging by the way so many people repeatedly expressed their hope for his triumph. Michael Rice was born to perform. There was no trace of tension or nervousness on his face. Even his stance reflected his readiness to wow the judges and the crowd.

His voice, strong and clear, filled the studio and instantly elicited applause and cheers from the audience. Michael’s love for singing is seen in the constant smile on his face, and in the calm, cool tone of his voice. In the show, the second and third placers are expected to meet the required score. In this episode, Michael did more than just meet the required score. He blew everyone over as his impressive performance exceeded the score and caused the music experts to get up and sing along almost immediately.


Michael sang each lyric of the gospel song with so much power and emotion. It wasn’t just merely completing the song to win and gain praises – each word was sung clearly and with undeniable sincerity, making it an incomparable performance. Michael Rice was dubbed a winner not just because of his singing skills. It was also his passion and personality that won the judges and the rest of the music experts over. He definitely set the bar high for the other aspiring artists chosen to appear on the show. The minute they announced his victory, Michael burst into tears. We’re positive he gained more than just countless offers from record labels and producers. He gained the rest of the world’s attention and respect.

“I can’t believe it and I’m just so thankful. I’ve had the best time.”

Those words show his sincerity of heart and true gratitude for the audience and judges giving him a chance to share his talent with the world. Michael Rice is definitely a name to look out for.

Source: https://faithtap.com