Young Man Steals Hearts Performing Elvis Classic With Voice Judges Are Unable To Resist

These days, everything is all about what’s trending. You can count on young adults, especially teenagers, to be experts when it comes to knowing what is popular. If you want to be in style and in the now, you probably only have to ask one random teen and you will get the answer that you need.

This is, in fact, the reason why it is totally extraordinary to find teenagers who are into old and seasoned things rather than going with what is contemporary. These so called “old souls” are usually inclined to support vintage styles, such as one teenager who auditioned for The Voice Kids in the Netherlands. He is not a fan of modern music. Instead, he prefers to listen to singers such as Michael Jackson, Elton John and King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley!

Thijs, a young man from the Netherlands, is unlike a lot of others his age. He is not drawn into singing and listening to contemporary music, but rather favors the music from decades before he was born!

When he auditioned for The Voice Kids in its seventh season, the judges did not expect to hear a song popularized by the legendary Elvis Presley. It was certainly a breath of fresh air on the show.

Singing the iconic song “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” Thijs instantly captured the interest of judges – especially Ilse Delange, who was obviously intrigued and captivated by the young man’s sweet voice. Even judge Douwe Bob was taken aback by both the singer’s voice and his incredible choice for auditioning.

The judges were visibly contemplating their decision. Just one push of a judge’s button is what Thijs needed to move forward in his journey in the competition. Ilse was evidently hooked to the young man’s performance.

Then Ilse finally pushed the button, about 20 seconds from when Thijs started his audition piece! The boy’s family could not stop their cheers and everyone watching was celebrating Thijs’ first step to advancing in the competition.

He was so ecstatic and was even more eager to show off his talent, trying to get the other judges to turn around for him as well. Thijs was about to end his performance when finally, judges Douwe Bob and Ali B gave in to their instincts and pushed their buttons as well. There was no way they were going to let his musical talent slip through their fingers.

You’re going to “fall in love” with this teen’s Elvis audition.


Antonio Banderas Astounds Fans With Spine Chilling “Phantom Of The Opera” Duet

In one particular performance with Sarah Brightman, Antonio sang “The Phantom of the Opera.” It was a bit surprising given that he has a really strong Spanish accent. Despite that, he was able to pull it off and he did an excellent job.

The performance started with the stage’s lights turning on and off to a piece of intensifying music. It made the overall feel of the venue a lot more mystifying. And just as the lights on the stage went steady, you can see the Phantom, with his black cape and hat, playing the organ.

After a while, Sarah appeared at the left side of the stage. With a spotlight on her, it was mesmerizing to see her walk towards the center. Wearing a black dress, there’s no denying how beautiful and elegant she looked.

Antonio, meanwhile, appeared after her. He was wearing a black suit which totally matched Sarah’s dress. Slowly, he walked towards her before they made strong eye contact. At that moment, anyone wouldn’t be able to deny the chemistry they had.

Sarah is a professional singer who underwent vocal training with the industry’s finest artists. She’s known to possess two types of voices – a contemporary sound and classical voice. She has a really impressive vocal range and in the ending song of The Phantom of the Opera, the highest note she was able to belt out was an E6. Personally, however, she believes that her voice can reach an F6.

Antonio, on the other hand, also has an impressive range which is a bit surprising since he does action films more. And while he wasn’t really a cast for the actual musical play, he starred in a couple of Broadway revivals, such as Nine. He also appeared in Evita in 1996.

The Phantom of the Opera is actually a novel written by Gaston Leroux, a famous French writer. From the first time it was published in 1909, it caught people’s attention. Because of that, it was adapted into different film and stage adaptations which included the 1986 Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical. In its operatic setting, the piece utilized music for foreshadowing and Antonio’s performance captured that perfectly.

Every note on that particular performance was just mesmerizing.