Blind Teen Takes On Haunting Song Making Lionel Richie Break Down Moment Stirring Voice Emerges

They say that living without a dream is not living at all because you lack the purpose for which you try your best each day of your life. And for this dream you are willing to do what you must, overcome challenges and hurdles, and liberate what needs to be set free just to get where you want to be. No amount of hardship or difficulty is enough to stop us in reaching for something that we really, really want to achieve, not even a disability.

This is exactly what Shayla Winn, a teenager who is known as Shayy to her family and friends, showed the judges of the popular talent competition American Idol last Wednesday as she belted out Andra Day’s hit song “Rise Up” for her audition. Her voice was so jaw-dropping that Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie could not help but be amazed by her!

After suffering from hydrocephalus and finding out that she had a brain tumor, Shayy told the judges that she became practically blind about a year ago. Her condition may have challenged her but she remained steadfast in reaching for her dream of becoming an artist and sharing her beautiful voice with the world. When asked what she would perform, she said she would be singing “Rise Up”.


The moment she started singing the song, the judges were taken aback by her undeniable talent and amazing vocals. Shayy was singing really well and her emotions were definitely felt in her every word.

Her sweet and emotional voice filled the room and sent goosebumps to the judges. Lionel Richie was so touched that he had to wipe tears from his eyes! He really connected to Shayy’s performance and he was moved by her voice.

After the beautiful rendition by Shayy, the judges clapped their hands in admiration and even gave her a standing ovation! Luke Bryan said that Lionel looked like he was walking a daughter down the aisle.

Lionel, who was truly moved. Said:

“You have what we cannot teach. We cannot teach letting the music flow straight from the soul, and that’s what you did.”
Shayy’s beautiful song was definitely a moment that the judges were really happy about. Her talent is evident and her emotions are all in place as she sang, making her performance a heartwarming version that surely touches the soul.

And as expected, the judges made a unanimous decision to let her through to the Hollywood round.

Shayy’s will to never stop chasing your dreams is something that everyone can be inspired by.