Tiger Gives Birth To Lifeless Twin Cub Only To Have Caretakers Astonished When Mother’s Instincts Kick In

There are few miracles on Earth more magnificent than the miracle of birth. Each species has their intricacies when it comes to giving birth – and the tiger’s habits are genuinely fascinating. This rarely seen birthing process was put on display recently when Kaitlyn the Sumatran tiger gave birth to two little male cubs.

Unfortunately, things got off to a rocky start with the first cub as it struggled to breathe when welcomed into the world. Thankfully, Kaitlyn’s motherly instincts kicked in and she did a few tiger-like tricks to get her baby’s lungs open. We’re so glad the team at Austrailia Zoo shared this heartwarming footage online for us to see…

Sadly, the Sumatran tiger is one of the most critically endangered animals. Recent figures estimate there are only 400-600 wild Sumatran tigers left in the world. That’s why conservationist programs (like carefully monitoring Kaitlyn’s birth to ensure success) take place. We can’t risk the Sumatran tiger going extinct like its cousins, the Bali and Javan tiger.

As a first-time mother, it’s even more important for the zookeepers to watch the birth of Kaitlyn’s cubs closely. They need to be ready to jump in at a moment’s notice if something goes wrong.

Thankfully, Kaitlyn acts like an old pro and begins licking the first cub immediately after he’s born. Licking stimulates the cub’s lungs, encouraging him to start breathing on his own. But, even as Kaitlyn licks her first cub, it gasps for air. She doesn’t give up!

The new mother vigorously cleans her newborn until he’s able to pull in a full breath of air. Take a peek at this incredible birth and Kaitlyn’s impressive instincts in the video below. She’s one proud mother!

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Andean Condor Appears To ‘Thank’ Rescuers In This Awe-Inspiring Rescue

Because of climate change, decreasing food sources, increasing pollution, and other threats, many species are edging toward extinction. Andean Condors are facing unintentional extermination as a result of eating the meat of downed predatorily animals that renders around the Catamarca region have poisoned. A number of those condors have been killed in the last few decades, but at least one has been saved.

And it was truly grateful for the help.

As the Dodo reports, Sayani was found in critical condition in 2012 after ingesting meat from a poisoned animal. Over the following 16 months, he was nursed back to health by rescuers at the Buenos Aires Zoo and Silvana Andrade’s animal rescue organization ANDA.

Eventually, Sayani once again had the strength to fly. He needs it, too. Andean condors are the largest raptors in the world, and though their wingspan is impressive, they’re much heavier than other avian species, which already makes it difficult for them to stay aloft.

Standing on a rock, surrounded by rescuers and supporters, few lacked faith that Sanyani would give it a flying chance. The sight of this bird as it spread its wings was awe-inspiring.

“The most beautiful and impressive [thing] is that he stops for a moment and calmly observes the immensity that belongs to him,” Andrade wrote. “He seems to revere freedom.”

Just as onlookers expected Sayani to take flight, he amazed them with one last gesture. Sayani folds up his wings, looks back at those who have helped him, and appears to wave goodbye.

“After a brief time of reflection and before taking flight, the majestic condor turns to the team that took care of him and the reporters as if to thank for the care, for having saved him,” Andrade wrote.

And like that, he was off. Sayani flapped his wings a few times and alit across the spectacular fog-covered valley.

This rescue was a success, and Sayani is truly an inspiration!
See more in the video below!

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Husky Steals Treat From Brother In Hilarious Video

Loki and Snow are best buds and do everything together. They love to hike, lounge on the couch, and bark at the mailman. However, when it comes to tricks, things get a little dicey.

Loki, a Shiba Inu, performs a trick of patience and resistance. A treat is placed on top of his head. He has to hold it there until his mom gives him the cue. Loki is focused and has waited patiently. When the cue is given, he drops the treat. He goes for the treat, which has fallen on the floor, but it slides away.

Snow, a Siberian husky who has been watching his brother perform the trick, sees an opportunity and goes for it. When Loki drops the treat, Snow thinks, “mine.” He dives and retrieves the treat. He enjoys it without having to perform a trick.

Loki is a true gentleman and does not fight with Snow but looks longingly at his mother. She runs to the kitchen to retrieve another treat. All is fair in love, war, and when treats are involved.

Watch the full video below.

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Watch 4-Week-Old Malamute Puppies Attempt To Out Sing One Another

It may be an old breed, but that doesn’t mean they hobble around and take naps. These dogs are always busy, looking for anything that can challenge them mentally. And Malamute puppies, even more so.

Of course, it’s not so hard for a pack of Malamute pups to find time in their schedules for cuteness.

Watch these gorgeous Alaskan malamute pups howl and serenade you in the video below! We just want to hug all of them!

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What This Cat Does To Keep This Tiny Pup Alive Has Me In (Happy) Tears

The puppy arrived at Michigan Humane Society in need of a foster mom. A foster family in Michigan was taking care of a litter of kittens with their nursing mother and thought to try to place the tiny pup with them. The sweet cat took in the orphaned puppy as one of her own.

The tiny puppy cuddled with the kittens and with his new foster mom. His new family is teaching him how to socialize. This proves that dogs and cats can get along.

A mother’s love can come in so many different forms and it’s not always biologic. Thanks to Michigan Humane Society and this foster family, they were able to make this pup’s transition a lot less stressful. SO SWEET!

Watch a tiny pup get a feline foster mom in the video below.

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