Hooded Man Stands At Woman’s Front Door Leaving Her Aghast When His Intentions Caught On Camera

‘Tis the season for packages to be swiped off of people’s front porches and regardless of the season, mischievousness always abounds. So when Erin Fezell spied a stranger lurking on her front porch while reviewing her home surveillance camera footage, she instantly was alarmed.

Erin felt a brief moment of panic when she saw the sneaky guy whose face was hidden by the bill of a ball cap. He also had the hood of his sweatshirt pulled up over his hat.

The young man scooted up the front steps to her porch, clutching something in his hands. Erin realized the triangular-shaped item with white stars was a flag.

The mystery deepened as she watched the person on video momentarily disappear out of her camera’s sight. He had reached out to grab a chair from her front porch.

He swung the chair around to face the security camera. Erin watched as he securely and carefully placed the flag on the chair.

She later realized that nasty winds had ripped her flag off the pole in her yard. It turned out that the man had rescued Erin’s own flag from her yard and gingerly left it on her porch instead of leaving it lying carelessly on the ground, she told Fox 17 News.

“To come back to our roots and to see the importance of what that symbol means, it’s just truly a touching moment. I just simply applaud him for this small action as it spoke volumes as to the character he has within.”
Not only did the young man rescue her flag, but he did something special with it. He folded it properly, something many of us cannot do!

“Talk about admirable. I’m not sure who this is, but I truly thank you. You’re a remarkable human and I am honored that you know flag etiquette (better than I do). He folded it correctly then placed it on a chair as to not allow it to lay on the ground. I’m so honored. It’s not often that the current generation gets recognized for doing something so patriotic. I appreciate and applaud you, sir!”

Curious to find out who the mystery man was who saved her flag from being blown about the yard, Erin decided to inquire about his identity on Facebook. It didn’t take long before people fessed up.

“Outstanding American has been identified! It’s our neighbor’s nephew!”
Facebook user Barbara Larson praised the young man for his actions. Many others chimed in, too.

“God bless the young man, wish there were more like him in this world , a very caring person.”
Erin told Fox 17 News that was quite impressed by the young man’s gesture toward her flag. It gave her a renewed sense of appreciation for the younger generation.

“I’m truly humbled by this experience, seeing someone care so much about something as small as a flag.”

Watch the footage Erin’s security camera captured in the video below. Kudos to this young man for what he did!

Source: https://faithtap.com