Toddler takes disabled dog for a walk – Video of their bond is melting hearts

This dog and his little girl are just too cute for words (but we’ll try our best!). The duo likes to take walks together, spend time snuggling, and make people’s heads turn when they are seen in the neighborhood. You see, this duo is more than extraordinary– they are defying obstacles and overcoming stereotypes.

Echo the dog is deaf and has limited sight, but that doesn’t stop Jenny from taking her canine BFF for a walk. The tiny tot even insists on holding the leash, with mom closely watching nearby.

Jenny’s mom says the dynamic duo have been inseparable since Jenny’s birth.

The two have quite the bond, as Jenny likes to sneak the big dog some of her food, and Echo is mega protective of his pint-sized pal.

Thank goodness for Jenny’s mom rescuing Echo. Sadly, the dog was almost euthanized by her former owner because of her disabilities. We double dog dare you not to gush over this video of love in action!

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Homeless Poodle Just Realized She’s Being Rescued And Has Sweetest Reaction

They spotted the bedraggled Poodle hunched on the side of the road. She was dirty, hurt and scared when Annie first approached her. But despite her poor condition, she gave Annie kisses the moment she was held.

The rescuers named the dog Layla on the way to hospital. Layla had damaged intestines and needed emergency surgery, but she pulled through. She spent two weeks in hospital, but she was regularly visited by her first-time foster parents to get doses of love and attention.

Layla is currently on the mend and when she’s better she will be available for adoption through Rescue From The Hart.


Three-Legged Dog Stuck In Puppy Mill Cage For 9 Years Finally Gets His Happily Ever After

Trip spent nine years stuck in a puppy mill cage. With only three legs (from an unknown injury), rotten teeth and really long nails, the tiny Chihuahua didn’t know what life outside a cage was like.

But in September, Trip was finally rescued from his terrible life by National Mill Dog Rescue. They drove him to their shelter where the moment he got out of the truck, his tail started wagging and just wouldn’t stop.

He finally got a much-needed groom and medical attention and soon became a volunteer favorite.

He loved all the attention he was getting and loved to get outside and explore. He didn’t let his age or his three legs slow him down.

National Mill Dog Rescue brought him to several events and featured him in several videos.

But no one stepped forward. Until…a month later it was finally Trip the Intrepid’s turn. After watching so many other dogs at the shelter get adopted, Trip’s tail started wagging again when his new family came to pick him up just before Halloween.

Now he is “one of the three amigos” in his new home, and he is “over the moon” happy.


Fatal Dog Experiments Continue At VA

Despite criticism from lawmakers and animal advocacy groups, the VA is continuing these tests, maintaining they could lead to breakthroughs in medical care that would ultimately help veterans.

According to Kare11, spokesman for the VA Curt Cashour said the VA conducts experiments on dogs, “only when no other species would provide meaningful results and the work is ethically sound.” He added that such testing has provided the basis for medical devices like the implantable cardiac pacemaker, and guided surgeons to the first successful liver transplant in the 1960s.

Far fewer breakthroughs have been made since then, however.

The VA has been performing invasive, fatal surgeries on dogs for decades.

“Why there’s this commitment to it, I don’t know because it doesn’t yield any results,” Rep. Dina Titus, D-Nev., lead co-sponsor of a bill with Rep. Dave Brat, R-Va., that calls for an end to the experiments, told USA Today. “It’s not economically sound, they could be looking at new technologies, and morally people just don’t support testing on puppies.”

In 2017, the White Coat Waste Project published a number of documents that revealed VA researchers in Richmond, Virginia, had badly injured or mutilated dogs during surgery. The experiments were soon defunded by the House of Representatives, but the measure did not get the backing from the Senate. Former VA Secretary David Shulkin wrote his own op-ed piece outlining why he thought the experiments should continue, through he later recanted, and halted new experiments without his expressed permission.

The dog experimentation hasn’t produced any medical breakthrough since the 1960s.

After the experiments were set to lapse in 2018, Trump paved the way for their continuation under a new bill in March. Cashour says Shulkin orally approved specific dog experiments to continue just 5 days after that, the same day he was fired by president Donald Trump, though Shulkin says he “wasn’t asked, nor did I request a review for an approval.”

This is a key point in the fight to halt the testing on dogs for good, maintains the White Coat Waste Project’s Justin Goodman.

“If former Secretary Shulkin didn’t personally approve the existing dog testing to continue, all of the Richmond VA’s dog experiments are apparently violating federal law,” he told News 8.

The experiments have continued, none the less.

At least 9 other dogs are being experimented on right now at the VA facility in Richmond, Virgina.

On Nov. 2, News 8 published a bill of sale for 8 hounds purchased during 2018 for research at the McGuire VA Medical Center in Richmond.

“It is utterly heartbreaking,” Todd Woodson, Administrator of the RVA Animal Advocacy Alliance and district leader with the Humane Society told the channel. “I am overwhelmed with grief that these animals were killed, they were not euthanized, they were killed.”

Congress is still in contention ovewr whether or not these experiments should continue.

The VA confirmed with WRIC that there are nine experiments currently underway, with one under review to begin soon.