UPS Driver adopts a huge Pit Bull on her route after his owner passes away! Heartwarming story!

Katie Newhouser is a UPS driver in Rancho Cucamonga, California so every time she was passing next to a condo complex, a huge pit bull named Leo would greet her and jump in her truck.

“I met Leo and his mom Tina on my route – they lived in a condo complex that I deliver to,” said Katie. “He would always bark for her to let him come down to the truck to see me. He would hop into my truck and make himself at home!”

“I saw Tina walking Leo and stopped to pet him,” Newhouser said. “That’s how I started talking to Tina. That’s actually how I’ve started talking to most of my customers. If they’ve got a dog, I’m stopping.”

Everything was just fine, until about a year ago. Katie had gone on vacation, and when she came back she noticed Tina’s son, Canon, leaving the complex with furniture in the back of his truck. She thought they were moving out, but it was quite a shock to discover that the woman had died.

She talked to her son and offered him to take care of Leo the pit bull until he comes back from Marine training.

But during the time he stayed at her place, the big goofball fell in love with the family’s other dog, Moose the lab mix. They bonded so well, that they were inseparable. So she instantly decided to adopt him.

“I knew he had nowhere to go, and I didn’t want him to end up in a shelter, and with somebody who was not going to be good for him.”

“He’s a big baby. He’s one of the most gentle dogs I have ever met”

“He’s big and he looks like he could be mean, but if you look at his eyes, you can just tell that he’s just the sweetest dog.”

Until adopting Leo, she did not realize how many negative stereotypes about Pit Bulls exist.